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Symptoms January 4, 2012

Since the symptoms are cause by an allergic reaction to the springtail, there are a variety of symptoms and vary from person to person.  The main symptoms that my family and I have experienced are:

  • itching
  • a wispiness on the skin, like a feather brushing it, but nothing’s there
  • a crawling sensation: can be caused by the fungus and bug
  • a stinging senstation
  • “bites”:  actually cause by the furcula getting stuck in a pore or a sypmtom of the fungus

I had problems with them in my ears, while others had problems in their mouth, nose, and around their eyes.


9 Responses to “Symptoms”

  1. BeccaRah Says:

    I am healing but I still can’t get over the unusual symptoms that manifested in my “illness”. I’m wondering if anyone else had any of these symptoms as well:
    – mirror symmetry of lesions on each side of the body and down the center (I.e. cheeks, center forehead, center of chin, same places on both hands and feet etc)
    – lesions glow under black light
    – GYN confirmed lesions just inside vaginal tract
    – deep yet very painful tenderness inside the calves below the knee
    – pause in the middle of urinating every time
    – “squarish” thumb nails (again symmetrical) with dark horizontal lines
    in them that grew out
    – lesions that looked like a trail or corn maze

    That’s enough for now. As I said, I am so much better, but I will never believe that my eyes have deceived me. These symptoms were not imagined.

    • BeccaRah Says:

      – laterally fixed lines that form “U-shapes” in skin.

      It would certainly also be interesting to know if anyone suffering from this had any medications in common.

  2. Tanya Says:

    I got collembola on my scalp ive seen these things
    With my own eyes but the dockter and dermotologist do not belive me help how can i kill these horable things

    • Kristen Says:

      How were you able to get a site of them? I cannot ever see mine. I need proof to help my case move forward. How can I get a bug to get an ID?

  3. Candice Says:

    BECCARAH——My lesions as you call them … I call them moles, anyways yes mine are also symmetrical with both sides of my body except my right side has one extra on every area. I have them on my deltoids, on my back where my trapezius muscles are, my hips, then 2 area’s on my thighs, then shin, and noticed recently one mole on my fourth toe on each foot. I use to have one right below my belly button. I kept telling doctors that there isn’t anyway someone could wake up with at least 20 new moles that same very day. It doesn’t make any sense. They all told me to stay out of the sun. Lol. The one under my belly button I applied Manuka Honey on it, left it on for 30 minutes or so, then took a hot steamy shower, and it fell off. There was a good size hole. You could probably stick a toothpick into the opening at least halfway. So bazaar! A lot of my so called moles, are in triangular shapes. Or they remind me of constellation diagrams. Weird, that I am a capricorn and I just looked up Capricornus constellation of the zodiac looks like a triangle. Try drawing a person on paper and put dots where your lesions are and connect them. I am interested in learning what yours look like. The U shapes in skin I believe that is the springtail embedded in your skin, I see them in my hair like that and in my urine, even on the floor.

  4. Claire Ketley Says:

    Hi there candice hope you are okay? ? Have you cured yourself at all???

    • Candice Says:

      I haven’t had any symptoms for 4 months! I believe an overgrowth of candida and environmental mold caused all of the horrible things I went through. Eating only meat and vegetables, changed everything. Thanks for your message Claire Ketley!! Its crazy because I don’t really remember writing what I did above back in July 2014. I stumbled upon this page through an e-book through wordpress.

      • Jay Says:

        I agree Candice i think Candida has something to do with it, im going to change my whole diet now and have just discovered what these bites were, feeling overwhelmed to say the least but am going to try and push through as i dont even know where to start, have thrown out my bed and will get the carpet ripped out. Anyone know any good specialists/stores in Australia? Thanks 😞

      • Roslyn Says:

        What all did you do? Me and my three maybe four kids have it and two are disabled ones and a four just four years old, I’m a single mom and been isolated for months I need help

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