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Pets January 4, 2012

Amitraz dips:  Make sure that your pet does not get re-infested after the dips because too many can cause brain damage.

K-9 Advantix 2:  When we got most of the infestation under control, we brought our dog home.  This product has prevented re-infesetation.

Temporary treatments:Preventic collar


2 Responses to “Pets”

  1. What about for cats that can’t be dipped? I can’t find anything about treating springtails in cats fur.

  2. Cassie Ganier Says:

    WHAT??!!! I am crying!! WHAT BRAIN DAMAGE? From the treatment? I cannot be without my dog!! Literally!! My ex trying to kill me, I am in hiding and she is a registered dog. She was infected this time last year. Thought was a bite. Came across it in my Facebook memories. Same time this year she is worse and all animals- well the cats had mites. Finally made way of ridding them… now just some Demotix mites on cats. I have been fighting for them inside building up immune system and bathing in special shampoo till Columbella mites gone.. thought I was fighting chin acne on them for over a year.. poor babies. think I’ll stick to natural treatment. Feeding garlic, fish oil, and apple cider vinegar and starting all of us on echinacea … and borax with peroxide. I did see a post from a lady with hair treatment I will try. Last night I tried windex on one half of my head and Lysol on other half. Can’t tell which worked better but the Lysol made a different on the fibers and made my hair all gooey

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