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Hi Everyone! December 8, 2012

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A commenter brought to my attention that comments were showing first and last names.  So, I went back and edited out last names.  I apologize for overlooking this and will try to ensure last names  aren’t included in the future.  Also, I wanted to mention that I have to approve the comments before they show up on the page.  I will try to get to comments within a day or two of posting.  Thank you for your feedback and involvement!


Symptoms October 17, 2012

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I had a comment asking about symptoms, so I’m just going to highlight my symptoms page.

The main symptoms that my family and I have experienced are:

  • itching
  • a wispiness on the skin, like a feather brushing it, but nothing’s there
  • a crawling sensation: can be caused by the fungus and bug
  • a stinging senstation
  • “bites”:  actually cause by the furcula getting stuck in a pore or a sypmtom of the fungus

I had problems with them in my ears, while others had problems in their mouth, nose, and around their eyes.
Nizoral shampoo is a prescription ant-fungal shampoo that I use all over my body.  It will relieve the crawling, itching, and bites caused by the fungus.  Our doctor has treated others with mites, so he had some sort of protocol including this shampoo and doxycyline.  The trick is to find a doctor that is willing to treat you instead of labeling you delusional.  What might help is when I went in the first time my doctor took a skin scraping of a fresh bite and didn’t find a bug but found fungus.  Perhaps a skin scraping would at least convince a doctor of a fungal infection.  Epsom salt baths also provide relief by drying out the bugs and returning your skin to a healthy pH.

A symptom that may identify a collembola infestation is a wispy, feathery feeling and a jumping or popping sensation.  These are unique to collembola because they jump.  Mites only cause itching and crawling because they only have the ability to crawl.


A Suggestion from One of Our Commentors! October 8, 2012

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“I have had the same horrendous problem. Actually, there is a fairly quick fix. I hope that this helps you. I went through something similar when I lived in Northern California. It was around April 2010 that it began. I finally got help as I was suffering from a toe fungus which was occurring at the same time. After 8 months of this horrible problem, and no help from doctors, or pest control, or anyone! I got help and it finally killed off these beastly things. It was the strongest fungal medication prescribed. It is called “Lamisil” or Terbinafine. It must be taken internally. If you have any fungus growing on your nails, use the external stuff too. This killed the parasites. Ater eight months of agony and it was gone in three to four weeks. I hope this helps you. It is horribly unfair for anyone to have to undergo being treated like we are crazy by a medical community that simply doesn’t have any clue and because if they don’t know the answer then it must not be real.”


Ozone a Success! September 11, 2012

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The ozone machines are working!  We have successfully treated our cars.  It takes at least three hours at 28,000 mg/h, and I have repeated once or twice a week.  I have also thrown clothes in the car while the machines are running to treat them.  The car and clothes are about 90% better after treatment.  For homes, I would seal of rooms and treat them one at a time to try to get a high concentration of ozone.  I don’t know specifics yet.  But, just try experimenting.


Ozone Machines September 4, 2012

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Our ozone machines are supposed to arrive tomorrow and so begins the experimenting.  What I know so far is that we tried a 28,ooo mg/h  ozone machine on my car for an hour and it helped a lot, but didn’t completely get rid of them.  I found a guy using them sucessfully on a blog for collembola at 28,000 mg/h for three hours.  And, the article below used them successfully to get rid of bed bugs.  Basically, what the machine does is turn oxygen (O2) into (O3) suffocating anything biological.  Therefore, it is not safe for humans to be present in an enclosed space with the generator.  The second link is the site to the generators that we bought, along with our exterminator.  I will post more later once we figure out specifics of time, square foot, etc.


Some New Treatments August 21, 2012

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I am updating the treatment for hair and adding one for feet.  I have been battling with my feet and therefore my shoes for a long time.  We have also been trying treatments of ozone.  Once we figure out if ozone is effective, then I will post that information. 


Dr. Bronner’s and the Washer & Dryer July 20, 2012

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I don’t think that Dr. Bronner’s is too effective in the laundry, but it seems to help with my hair.  Make sure to clean your washer and dryer because collembola may be living in both and contaminating the laundry.  Clean the dryer with an ammonia and windex mixture, and run the washer every once in awhile with a lot of bleach.