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My Story January 4, 2012

     During ny senior year in college I was living in an old house off-campus.  The house had problems such as major flooding in the basement, and the siding was falling off.  Birds were living in the gaps of the siding, and there were two nests in the wall of my room.  At the end of February it had started to get pretty warm and the snow began to melt.  I woke up with four bites on my arm, thought it was a spider, washed my sheets, and did not think anything about it.  That night my entire body severely itched, and I woke up the next morning with bites covering my entire body.  I counted around one hundred.  I went to the school nurse, and she determined they look like bug bites.  She guessed bed bugs.

     An exterminator was coming later that day.  I told him about the problem, and he checked my bed for bed bugs.  He did not find anything, nor did I have blood on my sheets.  I had heard about people having trouble with bird mites and drew the conclusion this was the problem because of the two birds living in my wall.  Later that day I called our handyman again about the nests and watched him extract two.  I went home and went to the doctor the next day.  She gave me permethrin because I continued to get bites even though I was at home in new clothes and steroids.  I abandoned everything in my room at that house and moved into my sorority house. 



4 Responses to “My Story”

  1. dd Says:

    I had these parasites about few years. My docs fails of course.
    I tried every remedy which you recommended.
    Im solving internaly problem because I belive that collembola is imunital problem (tested on vacations etc).
    But cleaning of area is very importat too.

    And my results:

    Oral use:
    – ivermectin – no change
    – praziquantel – no change
    – silver – no change
    – MMS – maybee little relief
    – epsom salt (with vitamine C) – relief

    – sulfur + vaseline – relief
    – tea tree oil + coconut oil – relief
    – cedar oil and others oil – relief

    – disolved sulfur + epsom salt – great relief (must be hot bath)
    – MMS + DMSO – maybee relief

    – avoid sugars and “E” compunds (like candies, bread, potatoes, carrot, instant and industry food – strict diet)
    Its very hard diet, i downed my weight from 90kg to 74kg, but it works !!!
    I tried this diet with combination disolved sulfur + epsom salt for few weeks, and then i went for vacation.
    On 5-days vacations i havent any crawling or itchin sensation. I weard one T-shirt for these days 🙂 But i had too much beers and 5th day sensation had returned.

    I believe that strict diet can heal, but must be 3 and more weeks.
    I red about animal parasites, which eating resources in hair folicles. Maybee is this cause.

  2. lola Says:

    I eat a mostley protien and vegie diet, it helps and does not get ris od them. No matter what I have done my hair is the most difficult, yikes, I wish someone would find a complete cure 🙂

  3. Jack Says:

    When you say “relief” do you mean “temporary” relief, or that you were cured and no longer suffered from collembola?

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