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Links January 4, 2012  :Report your condition to the National Pediculosis Association

Article about bed bugs and ozone machines:

This is the company we ordered our machines from:



4 Responses to “Links”

  1. lola Says:

    Hello, I am planing to buy an ozone machine. Which one did you get and do you find it still works in major elimination, need it for work and home.
    Thanks much !

    • You need at least 28,000 mg/h. We got package #4, which has three of those machines. One machine worked in the area of our car for three hours. In general, the higher the concentration of ozone the better. You kind of just have to experiment to figure out the length of time and concentration needed to kill them.

  2. jay Says:

    they have a new product called hydroxyl…do you think this would help with collembola? also im having issues with collembola going internal inside my throat and ears. any suggestions?

    • Are you talking about hydroxyl generators? I’m not sure if they would work. I haven’t tried one. The reason that the ozone generators work is because they convert the air to ozone, suffocating anything living, including collembola. I also had problems with them in my ears and mouth. An antiseptic mouthwash should control them in your throat. Flonase nasal spray also helped. I had them in my ears which caused a bad infection after awhile. Wasn’t fun. My doctor gave me neomycin eardrops, which permanently got them out of my ears! He said it changes the pH in your ears to where they can’t live. Until you get the prescriptions hydrogen peroxide will stop the itching.

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