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Household Treatments January 4, 2012

Laundry:  Soak your clothes in windex, simple green, or vinegar and store them until washing.  Be careful of metal zippers and buttons because it it corrosive.  Synthetic fabrics are more resistant to infestation.  I also could never save my jeans because of the heaviness of the fabric.  I resorted to dresses and tights.  If the clothing article still is itchy, crawly, etc after a few times of vinegaring, dispose of it.  It cannot be saved and will perpetuate the infestation. * I have recently been using 8 ounces of debriding soap in my laundry, which seems to prevent clothes from itching.

Carpet:  If you can afford it replace your carpet with laminate flooring.  If not, try Sevin 5, 91% alcohol, and vacuuming.

Tile:  Clean floors everyday with windex, vinegar, or straight bleach.  Windex seems to be the most effective.

Furniture:  I have not figured out how to save furniture.  We got rid of all cloth furniture and replaced our beds with air mattresses, which we clean every day.

Seal up cracks and crevices with caulk because this is where the springtails will hang out.

Also, pay special attention to bathroom and kitchens because these are sources of moisture and places in which collembola thrive.


3 Responses to “Household Treatments”

  1. Diana Says:

    Thanks for your postings !
    Have you found a couple of things that work best. I have tried doing it all and I fall out because of exhaustion and I have work.
    Great day !

  2. Kelly Says:

    For fabric furniture, and mattress, spray with witch hazel and essential oils- 10-20 drops ea peppermint and lavender essential oils to 500ml witch hazel. For mold 10 drops tea tree and 20 drops lavender. Wait 2 hrs before using.

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