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Car Treatment January 4, 2012

Cars become infested quickly and are hard to treat because it’s an enclosed space.  They get deep into the seats and carpets.  If your car is already infested get rid of it if possible, and buy one with leather seats.  I just bought an old Toyota with leather seats that I would not be too upset if I had to get rid of in the future.

Precautions to take with a new car:

  • Cover the seats with vinyl seat covers
  • Spray adhesive a plastic drop cloth to the ceiling
  • Cover you legs with a garbage bag when driving
  • Continually clean the seats with windex and make sure to spray it into the vents

To control an infested car:

  • Try pouring 91% alcohol into the seats repeatedly.  Two quarts per seat.
  • Get impermeable seat covers, such as vinyl, and clean them everyday with windex.
  • Continually spray Windex inside vents, on seat covers, roof, etc.
  • Cover with the roof with plastic using spray adhesive.
  • Cover your legs with a garbage bag to protect them.
  • Constant vacuuming should help.
  • Ozone machines

Overall, just clean your car continually.


4 Responses to “Car Treatment”

  1. Marcia Says:

    I used a bedbug flea bomb in my car and got rid of them.

  2. Becky Ann Parra Says:

    I have them out of my car. I first took my car to the dealer and had it ozoned. Then I had all the carpets shampooed. I detailed out every inch with alcohol with mint drops in it. Every day I rotated spraying with martins igr carpet spray, vinegar, and Lysol spray. Vacumned daily and alcohol detailed every other day. Once a week, I washed all my mats at the laundromat. After 6 weeks of this, I can get in with white socks and nothing is in them and I am free ofattacks!

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