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Body Treatment January 4, 2012

It is difficult to get springtails off of your body because they are small secrete a sticky substance.

One time treatment options:

  • Permethrin may work the first couple times, but they become immune quickly
  • Lindane is effective, but is dangerous if used multiple times

Suggested skin treatment:

  • Lava soap’s abrasiveness helps to scrub them off
  • Half hour epsom salt baths with 4 cups of salt dries the springtails out and soothes the skin
  • Have your doctor prescribe Nizoral shampoo to treat the fungus that springtails create on your skin
  • A steroid cream, such as triamcinolone acetonide, helps with the symptoms and the dry skin and irration that may occur from the baths and lava soap.  Do not use everyday because steroid creams thin the skin.  Also try a lotion that repairs the skin such as CeraVe.

Ears: Neomycin ear drops.  According to my doctor, this medicine changes the PH of your ear, making it difficult for them to live.  If you do not have a doctor to prescribe you these drops, hydrogen peroxide will provide temporary relief.

Hair:  Every couple days I spray my hair down with Windex or Nature’s Debriding Soap.  Then, I shampoo it with ketoconazole shampoo and rub some epsom salts.  Soak and then wash out.

Mouth:  Mouthwash twice a day.  Flonase also helps with the nasal passages.

Feet:  Get rid of infested shoes.  Cover your feet in Dr. Bronner’s and put socks on top.  Leave over night.


18 Responses to “Body Treatment”

  1. INA Says:


  2. lola Says:

    Hello, thanks for your blog. Have you found anything that gets rid of them for good?

    • Hi! Unfortunately, I have not found a silver bullet that gets rid of these guys. Cleaning, ozoning, and getting rid of infested clothes, furniture, etc. will wean them down until you won’t be bothered as much anymore. It takes awhile and can be very frustrating. But, after a year and a half, the only trouble I have is with my hair if I don’t treat it everyday. Otherwise, I feel like a normal person!

  3. Lola Says:

    Hi, which ozone machine did you find works, there are so many and would prefer to get one from experience. I appreciate your help ! also have them at my workplace, its been 5 years.

  4. jinu Says:

    any suggestions for killing them internally. for me i can feel them in my stomach and throat and then whenever i lie down they start popping out of my ears and jump all over my face.

    • Neomycin ear drops will get them out of your ears and using an antiseptic mouthwash should help with your mouth. I’m not sure about your stomach or throat because they strayed surficial in our cases.

      • jinu Says:

        ok wow…i wonder if i have something else. one other question i had was regarding the ozone machine. you mentioned you got the 28000 /hr version. if i needed to use one for my car or a small room would i be ok with getting the 14000 /hr version and just run it longer or something? ive spent so much money trying to fight this thing…i’d like to save money if possible. thank you for your reply…its so nice to talk to someone about this

  5. nellyvette Says:

    so there is no cure yet?

  6. Mark F SoCal Says:

    Here is what has worked for me. No cure, but have reversed the outward signs to where I look close to normal. After a year and 4 months of dealing with an intensive infestation. At the rate it was overtaking my body, I don’t honestly think I had much longer here. Long story short, I finally tried nicotine. I was hesitant as I read about how dangerous it was. I now have zero doubt it saved my life. I started with the unburnt butts and salvaged the tobacco. It was free and had amazing results. Nicotine is water soluble, so I’d add hot water to speed the release of nicotine. I went slow at first, like drops at a time not knowing what to expect. Now that’ve been using it for many months. I now am not so concerned with how much goes on as I can feel the affects and being external, I can stop the absorption by rinsing it off. I believe I have a high tolerance to the nicotine, so each person must proceed with caution.

    I tried ingesting the tobacco to rid them internally. I personally can ingest the quantity of 2 of the longer cigarettes per day, I started with a pinch and slowly increased over a few weeks to determine my tolerance. I would pinch off pieces, paper and all and swallow down like a pill. Then hours of being uncomfortable, like an anxious feeling and heart thumping. Forget going to sleep.
    The thing that sucks is when I increased the amount to where I vomited, and I mean for about 7 to 10 heaves. I find it difficult to even smell tobacco without getting nauseous. I don’t currently take it internally, still makes me nervous about a potential overdose and I really dislike barfing. But it did piss them off as they would be bitey during the day which is unusual.
    I found that adding sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda) to the tobacco mixture I’d get more exiting my skin. I find that they are deep in the muscle tissue and if I rub with too much pressure they get tangled up deep and surface as a clump that are difficult to remove and become raised bumps. That will just get larger if not torn off.. I recently have used cinnamon and powdered clove to reduce the knotted up areas without having to manually remove them, seems to break up the goo that holds them together. Rub in a tiny circular pattern directly on top.
    I’m adjusting all the time,
    Currently, I soak cloves in coconut oil, smothers them and a natural anaesthetic.
    Hydrogen peroxide , rubbing alcohol , nicotine, powdered cloves. Baking soda or you can use hair remover like ” Nair” works well. Mixing things work well.
    Also I bathe in sometimes with all the above or with a splash of bleach and a little soap to give that surfactant effect.
    Do some reading on “the benefits of nicotine” also read on how it can kill. There are so many variables taking internally like the rate of absorbing like an empty or full stomach. Etc.. Nicotine is powerful stuff. Take it very seriously.
    Also do some reading on ‘lufenuron’ it’s the active ingredient in program, that one would give their pets for flea control, it’s not a poison. I believe it majorly reduced the larval form. It’s a growth regulator, my assumption is, the adults don’t need to molt so it has no effect on them.

    Hope this helps ,

    • Beckie Says:

      Mark are you cured? What were symptoms. Are you still taking nicotine? I read that nicotine kills bugs and mites

      • Mark F SoCal Says:

        Currently, I’ve not obtained a cure, I don’t believe it will ,knowing it’s limitations on dosing of nicotine.
        Nicotine has been an indispensable tool. I was at what I truly believed was my end.
        I know others might be in despair and this might be some help. Hopelessness is awful.

        I’m constantly trying new things and combinations, I will post when I get some results.

      • Mark F SoCal Says:

        Oh and Yes, i do use it externally. A few times a week. I don’t really like the way it makes me feel, kinda amped up. But it is the most powerful tool so far.
        It does kill bugs and mites.

    • Becky Says:

      Hi Mark how’s your nicotine treating going?

  7. Carley Says:

    I have just tried this tonight, and it’s in my nature to wait and further test before posting anything BUT I got such unbelievable results I needed to post my first post right away! I’ve been fighting the good fight and I’ve seen progress but nothing close to this.

    I used concentrated African Black Soap ( I’d added water to a few teaspoons and put in a mason jar. I rinsed my body of the springtails as best I could with water, turned off shower and scooped some up and covered my body. All the sores the bugs created burned. I rinsed and as I rinsed the soap came off and it’s kinda like coffee grounds so it actually looks like the bugs. But long after the soap came off, all these collembola and those splinter things and those hard roundish things came pouring out of my body. I was using a handheld shower nozzle and as I’d pass it over my skin entire nests came out. I had these hard lumps underneath some of the sores and huge amounts of bugs came out. So gross. And so wonderful! I can’t believe it.

    I’m going to add some to hot water later a take a bath soak. This is incredible!!!

  8. Mark Fanizza Says:

    I believe I purchased the black African soap from Amazon.
    I did just search it in Google and selected shopping. A red map pin will indicate any local places. Fyi

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