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Nature’s Debriding Soap May 10, 2014

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I have been using 1 quart of soap in a load of laundry, which stops the clothes from itching for about two weeks.  I also spray the soap down the vents in my car to control them there.  Has anybody else found a way to get them out of the vents?


3 Responses to “Nature’s Debriding Soap”

  1. J Says:

    I’m not convinced that Nature’s Debriding Soap isn’t Kleen Free repackaged. I’ll have to get them both at the same time and compare, but I was suspicious of it. And so expensive!

    • Penelope Says:

      Interesting! Please let me know the results! I think the cost of the soap is outrageous. It’s the only thing that helps, so I’m force to pay the high price!

    • sheila wathen Says:

      Natures gift is not kleen free because natures gift will debrid you skin and it pulls mites and derbis from your skin.

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