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Nature’s Debriding Soap September 24, 2013

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Has anyone tried or heard about this soap?


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  1. kmnelson65 Says:

    I have not heard of this soap. I have been dealing with this problem since July of this year when i moved into an apartment. Found a website Woman got rid of infestation and tells how. Very rigorous and expensive but I am trying it. I can tell it makes a difference. I am feeling so depressed and anxious about it all. Trying to keep working. How have you dealt with it for so long and keep going. How do you not infect others?

    • We tried the things recommended at, and they did not work for us. I’ll be interested to hear if that treatment is successful for you. It may depend on the species. I only infected others when I was very infested, and it’s hard to tell who will be affected. We were finally comfortable after about two years. We still fight little outbreaks every now and again. It is a very stressful situation and many of us fought depression. I just ordered the soap today, so we’ll see!

      • Lynne Says:

        Hello Human Treatment for Collembola,
        Did you ever try taking Turbinafine, Lamisil internally? If so, how did it work for you?

  2. Beckie Says:

    So are you still infested? Or are you and your family clear? I read your symptoms. I was wondering if the bites looked like pin holes? I’m trying to figure what kind of mites I have. Prayer goes out to all suffering.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    I’ve been using the soap for about six weeks and it works. I can’t say that I’m ‘cured’ but I’ve been following a rigorous protocol and it definitely keeps these things in check and is helping me live a little bit more normally. The debriding soap is a big part of my protocol. I’m a newbie to this problem, my home and my body became infested in late August after houseguests stayed with their dog, I can’t say for sure if they were the source but the timing points to that. I was in such despair; I’m sure anyone going through this understands the anxiety and depression. You just don’t know if you’ll ever be able to live a normal life again. I’m improving tremendously with regular fogging (there are a few products for fogging, I found that cedar oils products fall short, I use a different product made of a blend of essential oils that is more effective, I also use an enzyme product), a very rigid diet, a drug called Orap, and the Nature’s gift debriding soap. I scour the Internet for more information constantly and I’m beginning to formulate my own protocol borrowed and pieced together from all the info I’ve read. I’m not affiliated with any business or sales of any products; I’m happy to share information about the products I’ve been using and can direct other sufferers to some helpful information. What I want to know is: has anyone been able to completely overcome these things?

    • lucy Says:

      Hi… I have thought I have gotten over this….only to be reinfected. I am not sure if it is collembola. I got over this last year by using a pco that used Temprid. I took Ivermectin everyday. I am doing that again now…seems to be helping—but still get bit. I was reinfected by putting on a jacket for less than 1 minute!!!!

      I welcome any advice!!!

    • jen Says:

      What do you fog with?
      I find laundry toy biggest problem…

    • Lynne Says:

      Hello Adrienne,
      What blend of essential oils do/did you use for fogging that worked better than the cedar? Was Thyme one of them? Did you make this up yourself?
      Thank you!

    • Karen Says:

      What are you fogging with?

    • sally Says:

      let me know what you use PLEASE I have young children , don’t understand what’s happening.

    • Katie Payne Says:

      Are you cured yet???

  4. KEYS TO GETTING WELL are: Breaking down the exoskeleton of the animal and sterilizing it. on the inside and outside of the body. Clothes and Environment. If you environment is mouldy you will not get well.

    This soap seems to be working. HOWEVER YOU MUST TREAT YOUR Digestive system, eyes ears nose mouth, throat. I’m using products from These things cause Lyme. There are over 500 organisms and parasites that can be caused by an insect bite. Americans have more parasites than any other country in the world. Because we have forgotten to treat them as people did a generation ago.

    1) I Have used Paragone with success
    2) MMS — 3 drops in an enema. Works wonders. Helps clear the problems down where the sun don’t shine. MMS is cheap. 3)
    a. Menthol crystals for the closets. I burn them in one main closet every day. throw them in the drawers in organza bags from party city of clip in bounce sheets. I used to put them in my office drawers.
    b. Orange Laundry is nice smelling and you can also clean with it and put in your hair for a contact kill.
    c. No Morgellons cream is comforting and draws them out while sedating and killing them at the same time.
    4) enzymes are a great way to clean. Enzymes break down the exo-skeleton of the bug!!! Peace to you and happy to answer any questions.
    5) — recommended by skizitgesture on youtube. Watch these vids, supplemental info.
    a. Biofibrin. Breaking down biofilms and exoskeletons are key
    b. Mono Lauren Kills Lyme and will clear brain fog
    c. Metal detox takes away places organisms my hide.
    d. their multi vitamin
    6) be sure to support DNA with glutathione or glutathione accelerator.
    7) You can mentholated your electronics. It’s hard to stay away from WIFI and the computer or phone these days. Just not it increases activity.
    8) Air purifier — the eggs fly off you and go in the air like a little kite or dandelion weed to reinfect you and your environment as well as others who are susceptible.

    Drink distilled water. Seems to be best for me.

    Contact me if you want any more info

    • You can sterilize the animals gradually in the body by taking Neem pills from Himalaya. However you would have to consult your doctor if you want to get pregnant. I suggest no pregnancies until this is cleared. I have heard of babies born with it. It is also known as morgellons when it gets to complete infestation of those that ignore the signs.

    • Nikki Says:

      I read ur protocol and have been doing much of the same things. I don’t get bit anymore. Are u cured yet???

  5. Kent C. Says:

    Hello Everyone, My name is Kent C. and I’m living in San Antonio, Texas where I have contracted this horrible evil monster that has infested my body and my life, not just my place [Which is not comfortable to live in btw] They spread, doctors gave a scabies cream, nobody understands and see the fibers and try to play it off like it’s not what you know you have is..

    I did try this soap and already ordered before this post.. The first time I used it I wasn’t really taken by it, it helped but it wasn’t until the 2nd use I really noticed something unique! I had a huge black clump fall from my leg! From the inside of it!!!

    I know I’ve got Morgellon’s, Another way you will know you have it, definitely go get your cedarcide tri-jet fogger, and spray your laptop down!! It won’t hurt your pc or laptop, and let all that settle for a few days. I wiped my touchpad with ammonia paper towel, it had a huge ammount of stuff on it like fibers,etc.

    This stuff helps, I recommend it if you are suffering. I used it on my feet in the shower when an attack would ensue, and it helped chill that invade down!

    Overall, I’ve been in this battle for 3 weeks and it’s been getting better but like the others say, my life is ruined. I hate to admit it but even if I’m cured, we will never be the same.

    It’s coming from the skies! This will become an epidemic. I truly don’t see this going away or getting smaller anytime soon :/

    Kent C.

    • lola Says:

      when it gets big enough a solution will be found

    • ryan Says:

      Hey San Antonio I too live in San Antonio and have gotten this problem about three weeks after you. The city is doing a sewage project and flushing out and putting in new pipes. They came by and drilled holes in my street about a week before I got this. I just thought maybe these super bugs are coming out of the sewers. I removed all mulch and leaves in my yard worldwide pest in San Antonio has a guy that can help you. He sprays the whole yard and inside the house. Not judt around the foundation. I rented an ozone machine from a tool supply. Got my car ozoned at a auto-detailing shop (5hrs) removed my carpets and spray with %100 neem oil and denatured alcohol mix 4oz-gallon. You can also get neem concentrate at Walmart (not as good) I took baths in neem oil and peppermint soap (1 hr). There is an Indian grocery store by the medical center that has neem oil. And neem oil soap. Laundry i took to laundry mat and used big hot machines with 16 oz ammonia two cups borax and two cups oxy powder, then dried on high for one hour (half full machines) it worked on the clothes. Some blankets pillows are untreatable.

  6. Penelope Says:

    I have been using the Debriding Soap three times a day. It is amazing. I have done so much research on this and spent so much money. Sulfur soap helps tremendously, too, along with Neem Oil. It is the debriding soap that has helped me to keep my sanity. I am going through this with my twin sister and my granddaughter whom I’m raising. My mother also got infested. There’s nothing worse then not being able to hug my loved ones. I had a sewer line back-up in July. I believe I have many parasites. I do believe the chemtrails have contributed to all of this. I pray for you all!

    • Karen Says:

      Hi Penelope, I have been living with Colembola that came on bird mites when we took care of a bird a year ago July. We got rid of the mites, but I have been plagued with the colembollas ever since. We threw out 95% of everything we owned. I have used pesticides, straight bleach, ammonia, fogged with Cedarcide, etc., etc., and the only things that help me are a strict version of the King Diet, the Nature’s Gift debriding soap, and soaking my clothes for 1 hour in cedar concentrate five caps to wash water before washing, and soaking my towels and bedding in a cup of pool chlorine to wash water for one hour before wash. Washables must be completely covered when soaking.I bought an old top loader machine to make it easier than soaking in a large laundry sink. Front loaders don’t work. I spray my bedding every morning both sides of sheets and blankets with straight ammonia so I have a mostly crawl free sleep. I sleep on an air mattress and I only sit on all metal chairs. Wipe everything down weekly, and toys too. I spray the ammonia in my car and follow up with fogging with cedar. That gives me a small bit of relief. Mostly it’s the diet and soap that do the trick. I can’t eat several of the things on even Stage 1 of the diet, all grains except for rye, lemons, and walnuts are off the eating list for me. I do cheat from time to time and just deal with the extra crawly feelings.I feel so sorry for your whole family dealing with this. I tried the site but that did not work either. This is a nightmare straight from Hell. But my kids need me and I keep going. Some days are harder than others. Peppermint, cloves, and cinnamon added to the debriding soap help my scalp. Just don’t get that in your eyes. Bless you and your family and everyone else out there suffering from colembolla and morgellons.

      • Penelope Says:

        Hi Karen, as with you, we go to great lengths each day to sanitize pretty much everything. It is quite difficult with a child. This has taken a toll on our entire family, especially my granddaughter who’s 11. We add clove oil to the debriding soap. We shower with sulfur soap and add neem oil to our shampoo/conditioner. Neem oil smells terrible, though! I just purchased clove/cinamon bar soap last evening, so I will try that for our scalp. This is such great information, thank you! We’re trying to be a little more disciplined with our diet. It is hard because we all work and are so busy. It is very difficult to work like this, too. I will try some of the things you’re doing. We have been sleeping better because of the debriding soap and sulfur soap. We also take zyrtec each night. I believe we have a combination of mite issues. I know we have scabies, but I also think we have the colembola. I spent a great deal of time outdoors that had a lot of vegetation and shortly after, this nightmare began. My granddaughter needs me, too. So that is what keeps me going. I use to mix diatamaceous earth with lotion and apply that. That is great, too. I send debriding soap with my granddaughter to school every day. This is very effective for her. Thank you for all the detailed information. I will pray for you and your family.

      • Penelope Says:

        Karen, where do you purchase the cedarcide?

      • Karen Says:

        I get my cedar concentrate from They are very nice people to deal with. The concentrate is a different formula than the one used in the cold foggers.

  7. Penelope Says:

    I forgot to mention that I was treated for scabies with permetherine. It did not help and I am avoiding taking Ivermectin (oral) pills that you take two weeks apart. My sister just did a second treatment of the permetherine. Her skin feels different now, but we’ll see if it helps. The debriding soap does not irritate your skin. I sleep with a bottle close by and always have a bottle on hand.

  8. sally Says:

    so does every one go to a medical proffanalist? I wonder if when we visit them if they get infected. And if they do how many of their patiants they are infecting. My doctor would not talk to me about this. She just referd me to a dermitoligist. But when I left the nurse went in right away to clean the room.

  9. sally Says:

    Why don’t the doctors do something to help? They have to get infested when we go to them. Are they under a gag order? Do they treat themselves with something we should know about? Do they tell us we are delusional because they are supposed to?

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