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New Email May 16, 2013

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I just responded to everyone’s comments.  If you want to email me with questions, I created an account  Or you may still leave comments, and I’ll try to answer them as soon as I can!  I hope everyone is doing well!


9 Responses to “New Email”

  1. me Says:

    Everyone who has photos on their bugs should email or call the UC Davis School of Entomology and urge them to change the info on their website – the world expert on springtails stated “Collembola as skin irritants or skin parasites deserve much more scientific scrutiny.”

    We have to hold the scientific community responsible for all these people suffering and being called delusional and getting no help at all. I changed the mind of my derm… he thought I was delusional until he saw them come out of my skin!

  2. cynthia b Says:

    I was exsposed to a fungal infected house i rented the hot water heater was leaking for several years i became severly ill before it was discovered by the fire department…now several years later i have 1000’s of larvae like things using coconut sn tea tree oil coming out of my face /neck etc. Stay extremely tired massive hair loss and been getting headaches lately these things look like a fairly large opace color all the same size with a black tip on each one? Can you suggest anything i can do to solve this horrible affection?

    • Collembola can be an opaque color. I would browse some of the treatments I’ve used. There’s tabs at the top of the page. And, see if anything helps!

      • me Says:

        I’ve been researching insect pheromones and luckily there are 3 that are commonly availiable that repel collembola – Benzoic Acid, Linoleic Acid and Oleic Acid. The last two are what insects release when they are dying to warn off others. Linoleic Acid is found in safflower oil – and adding it to Blue Star Ointment which has a base of Benzoic Acid has been most helpful. I ordered Oleic Acid to use to treat my house (industrial grade) and my body (cosmetic grade). We’ll see how that works!

  3. Melissa B Says:

    Just read something new on ur site, concerning insect pheromones, please keep us up to date on ur outcomes. I’m not sure collembola would run from the “dying insect pheromones” as Springtails have a survival mode to prevent extinction. That’s 1 of the main problems, when their numbers dwindle they go into breeding overdrive. BUT definitely worth trying, my fingers crossed for you. Another big problem is that they don’t need to be adult to breed.

  4. Claire Ketley Says:

    Please I will really appreciate it if you are able to help me with your website on morgz comb springtz

  5. Dee Says:

    Hi my name is Dee I have been fighting Colombolla for 5 years now first on my dog then myself for 4 years I have been using Natures Gift for a year now but can’t get the recommend drug In Australia am on the King diet it helps
    I have reduced the amount on my body but my legs won’t improve I boil all my clothes and bedding and towels I use Dr Bens cedar oil on my body and hair it kills them but more keep coming out of my skin they are driving me mad if anyone can help PLEASE

    • Lynn Says:

      Take yeast pills it brings them out. I take 8 three times a day it keeps them in ck. But if i stop they come back. But if have sound issues and my apt

  6. Roslyn Says:

    So I was wondering if someone were to go to a dermatologist what would we want to be checked for? I do go to a doctor who believes me about maybe having morgellons by my past symptoms but all me and my family have now seems to be pin hole bites and black specks. I’ve seen a few spring tails in the bath tub sometimes. And people seem to itch when we are near them.

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