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Hi Everyone! December 8, 2012

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A commenter brought to my attention that comments were showing first and last names.  So, I went back and edited out last names.  I apologize for overlooking this and will try to ensure last names  aren’t included in the future.  Also, I wanted to mention that I have to approve the comments before they show up on the page.  I will try to get to comments within a day or two of posting.  Thank you for your feedback and involvement!


2 Responses to “Hi Everyone!”

  1. Katrina Says:

    I have this & was put committed to a psych ward for 7 days this is a nightmare!!! The head nurse said your not crazy my friend had this & told me what to do to get out. My family had me committed. Ruined my life.

  2. Ice Princess Says:

    Hello….I have been experiencing all the same symptoms as others here. 2 yrs now. I am at my wits end….what are the latest findings? Can these things be killed…in my house, on my dogs, and me!!!! I am disabled and live alone on low income. I have had the house bombed 3x, 1x by a professional, and it helps but they keep returning…I have had lotions prescribed and an oral med once…then was label…”it’s in your head!” I am wondering if the lamisil I read has helped anyone else? I was told to soak my toenails in vinegar and water mixture for that??? I am desperate to get rid of these nightmare bugs!!! Any help is appreciated!! I also read where cedar oil solutions may work…any knowledge there?
    Thank you

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