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Symptoms October 17, 2012

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I had a comment asking about symptoms, so I’m just going to highlight my symptoms page.

The main symptoms that my family and I have experienced are:

  • itching
  • a wispiness on the skin, like a feather brushing it, but nothing’s there
  • a crawling sensation: can be caused by the fungus and bug
  • a stinging senstation
  • “bites”:  actually cause by the furcula getting stuck in a pore or a sypmtom of the fungus

I had problems with them in my ears, while others had problems in their mouth, nose, and around their eyes.
Nizoral shampoo is a prescription ant-fungal shampoo that I use all over my body.  It will relieve the crawling, itching, and bites caused by the fungus.  Our doctor has treated others with mites, so he had some sort of protocol including this shampoo and doxycyline.  The trick is to find a doctor that is willing to treat you instead of labeling you delusional.  What might help is when I went in the first time my doctor took a skin scraping of a fresh bite and didn’t find a bug but found fungus.  Perhaps a skin scraping would at least convince a doctor of a fungal infection.  Epsom salt baths also provide relief by drying out the bugs and returning your skin to a healthy pH.

A symptom that may identify a collembola infestation is a wispy, feathery feeling and a jumping or popping sensation.  These are unique to collembola because they jump.  Mites only cause itching and crawling because they only have the ability to crawl.


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  1. Shelly Says:

    Hi there! My family has been infested with collembola for the last four months… We have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of these things. Doctors have been NO help. PLEASE let us know how your family is doing! We are going to see yet another specialist soon and would like to know if the doxycycline has helped you all… Please help!

    • Yes, if you can get this specialist to prescribe you anything try doxycycline, ketoconazole shampoo, and maybe a steroid cream. If you are having problems in your ears like I did, Neomycin ear drops really help! Be careful with overusing the steroid cream because it thins the skin. It helps with the itching and heals bites. I’d say the treatments that help the body the most are the ketoconale shampoo and epsom salts. You will feel immediate relief from the shampoo because collembola create a fungus on the skin which is half the problem.
      Next, you’re going to have to get the environment under control. You’re biggest tools will be Windex, vinegar, and ozone machines. I have not found a way to save anything that is infested yet, even cars. But, once you get something new cleaning and ozone can prevent infestation. Look around the site and let me know if you have any questions. My family has not gotten rid of these persistent bugs yet, but if you do some of the things on the website, you will not be nearly as miserable. I’ll be praying for you!

      • Stacy Says:

        Thank you so much for your response! I will see if this doctor is willing to help with the prescription… Most have treated us like we are nuts. How very sad that so many are going through such a nightmare and are being treated so horribly by doctors to boot. Just wanted to mention that I read you were having trouble getting them out of your clothes… Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it) our front load washer died because of the humongoid amounts of laundry we had to do daily after acquiring this nightmare from a temporary rental house… So we ended up purchasing an HE top loader with a built in water heater. If we set it to Sanitize and soak for an hour on top of that, along with a couple cups of ammonia in the tub and Arm & Hammer powdered detergent, we are able to kill them in our clothes. This has made a huge difference in that area. Still can’t get them off of my scalp… That’s a big problem area. If I find anything that helps elsewhere, I will definitely let you know!! Thank you for sharing on your blog! Praying for you, too!

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hi again!! Just wanted to check in on you and see how you and your family are doing..?? We have had a little success this week, but I’m scared to call it a success since it has only been about five days… But if you are interested, please let me know!! We had to go hard and heavy with the pesticides… 😦 which I hate because I have a thirteen month old baby.

        Also, is it possible to remove my full name or the comment that has it? I hope this one won’t get posted either!! Haha. Ugh. I just don’t want this following me on the Internet, too, if ya know what I mean. 😦 I hope things are getting better for you every day!! I’ll keep you posted on the chemicals we tried… And I will definitely post if we are truly successful with it!!

        Oh!! The specialist we went to see (I’m “Shelly” from previous comments) was zero help. I was able to get a PA to prescribe the doxycycline, but have not yet tried it, as I’m just now finishing up the antifungals. Did the doxy cause any increase in fungal problems for your family? I’m a bit hesitant to take it just yet… :0/

        Hope to hear from you soon!! 🙂

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    • Lauren Says:

      Has anyone tried cedar oil products? Cedarcide? I think my dog may have gotten these at my mom in laws and I am considering ordering the fogger.

      • We tried cedar oil, and it did not work for us. It has been successful for other people though. I think it depends on the species. Mitaban dips at the vet cured our dog, and K-9 Advantix 2 has been successful at keeping our dog from getting re-infested.

      • carl dunkin Says:

        tried only temp relief at a high cost, these things are called spring tails and thrive on moisture and also mold and are extremely hard to get rid of

  2. Cindy Says:

    My Daughter and her entire family are being eaten alive by these bugs. They have no medical insurance and cannot afford to see any doctors. We have tried the Kleen Green with no results. She tried the windex and thinks it helps but each day she wakes up with even more bites and her hair is falling out as it is full of these bugs. We have researched this problem for weeks and are exhausted. Any helpful ideas would be appreciated! We purchased a microscope and have dozens of pictures of the fibers but no actual bug. Then we began digging egg sacks out of my daughter’s chest! I am sick at uggestionsheart. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from this problem. Please keep the suggestions coming! Thank you all! God Bless!!

    • That sounds like Morgellons rather than just Collembola. Studies indicate there may be a connection between the two, but what I have been dealing with resides on the outside of my skin. Morgellons seems to be internal? Anyways, I found use Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Shampoo on the following blog for Morgellons. I use it to get the bugs out of my hair by soaking it for about fifteen minutes. This blog has other uses for it also.

    • Shelly Says:

      Hi Cindy!! My family is suffering through a collembola infestation, as well. I was able to confirm this suspicion with my microscope. Please tell your daughter to use clear packing tape to collect anything suspicious… Even if it just looks like a tiny sliver. These things are fast. Also, if her hair is falling out, please tell her to be sure to blow dry it after showering!! Very important. Wet hair contributes to the fungal problem on the scalp… My hair was falling out in gobs, but I managed to get a nurse practitioner in a minor emergency clinic to prescribe antifungal pills for a month. Three weeks into it, the hair loss stopped (if your daughter tries this, sporanox is said to be the best for this problem… She may have to say shes had this before and thats what cured it before… At least a month’s worth) Also, she needs antifungal shampoo (Nizoral A-D is good, but it’s hard to find… Even online… had some recently). Olivia from this blog also suggests Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap for fifteen minutes… A great idea!! I instead add a good peppermint essential oil to my shampoo… and are very helpful, as well as shanspirations blog. Just google shanspirations and biting mites. If there’s anything else I can think of, I will post back!! Praying for y’all!!

      • Shelly Says:

        One more thing… The best thing to get them out of laundry is washing on the hottest setting possible (may need to turn up temp on water heater… But be careful if kids are in the house). Use powdered arm &hammer laundry soap, a cup of borax, and at least one cup of the clear ammonia (maybe two cups!)… Make sure the clothes soak for a good solid hour before turning washer back on!! Use lots of clean unused garbage bags for everything!! Please respond back if you have any questions!! I’ll do my best to help!!

      • I have just this week identified that collembola/springtail is the problem and I have a 16 year old cat that I’ve had since 8 weeks old and can’t bear to get rid of. Collembola do not bite, they infest and annoy. Outdoors they are considered good in your garden. The cat carries the springtails wherever she goes which doesn’t help. I know she’s infested, because, if I’m not itching at a certain moment and I pet her, I itch to my elbows almost immediately. Best thing I’ve found is to wash hands and arms with Dawn dish soap and coat with Coconut Oil. I launder bedding daily in detergent and ammonia, then dry it normally. Heat does NOT kill this in your clothes, drowning them does, and, soap and ammonia cause them not to be able to breathe. I was told on one website to use 20 Mule Team Borax in every load, too, but checked the possible side effects and decided against it. Do not overload the washer cause they could survive. Any that are missed in the wash will stay in your dryer, so, be sure to wipe it down with Windex every few days to help keep it out of the seams of your clothing. I have been wearing my clothes inside out when I’m at home and also find man-made fabrics don’t seem as hard to get the creatures out of. Sweatshirts are especially hard to get itch free, and I wear a lot of them, inside out, because I take blood thinners and I’m always cold.

        To get to sleep, after a shower for me (never re-use your towel), I coat myself and the cat in really expensive virgin coconut oil unrefined organic made by Spectrum (It’s $8 to $10 for a good grocery store with health food section) and then add Vick’s VapoRub to my hair and legs and feet. I slept all day yesterday for the first time in several weeks, and, all night with NO itchiness, feathering, or movement at all. The cat hasn’t really slept a lot in about 4 months, but, she did, last night, up against me. She hates the smell of Vick’s and I can’t put it on her for obvious reasons, but, she sensed that I wasn’t being bothered and stood the smell for peace. If the Coconut Oil stops being effective on her, I may use a dab of Vicks on the back of her neck where you put flea medicine, like Frontline. On the way out of the bathroom, spray surfaces with Windex and rugs and your towel and let dry. By the time I get up to potty, it’s all dry.

        I tried T-Gel shampoo on my whole body in the shower with rinsing after, and it was a miracle….but…after three days I was projectile vomiting and unable to think clearly and had a feeling in my ears like they were full of wax and water. I looked it up because it was the only new thing and those are symptoms of T-Gel. Stopped that quick. Coal tar is the culprit in T-Gel.

        Windex, I use a lot of Windex w/amonia D. Windex, Windex. I have cleaned everything top and bottom with Windex. If I have time to just spray and let air dry, it seems to work better. I have synthetic fabric webbing on my office chair and tried everything else to stop the itching on my butt and back when I’m on here, but, spraying with Windex and letting it dry on it’s own, overnight, works really well. I got up yesterday and went to look something up on my computer and forgot the chair had been treated and went ahead and sat down… I had my sleeping clothes on, wrong side-out, and re-infested the chair. Time to Re-spray and let dry. I create safe spaces for the cat by spraying where she likes to lay with Windex, carpet and hard surfaces, like the windowsill, and letting it dry naturally. I only do a couple spot’s at a time, so, she has others to go to. She’s not crazy about the smell, but, once dry, she gravitates to those spots after her Coconut Oil massage. I have a 32″ plastic and cotton bed pad like they use in the hospital and I launder that every day with my bedding for her. I put it on the floor by me when I’m on the computer and she prefers that to plain carpet. And because it’s laundered and not Windexed she likes it better. The coconut oil is really good for her internally, so, I didn’t have to worry about side effects much. She got a little diarrhea the first day, but, that has worked itself out. I have used coconut oil for years (the good stuff) for everything. I rub a little on Patches’ dry cat food a couple times a week and she likes it pretty well. I like the smell and I even eat a spoonful every now and then for cleaning out the gut. Don’t buy the cheap stuff at Walmart. It doesn’t work as well.

        MOLD is the culprit here. I thought, when I found that out through research, I don’t have any MOLD. But, I had some water damage last summer from the safety bar pulled loose from the wall in my shower and I went looking. The water had not come up near the bathroom, but, at the carpet entrance to my kitchen, so, I deciced to look with a flashlight…pulled the baseboard and there was mold. I live in a Senior Community and have to try to convince the manager that I’m not crazy today and get her to do something about the mold.

        I hope this helps others suffering this awful parasite.

        I’ve read that people, especially women, with thyroid problems seem to be more susceptible to the effects of this and are hyper-sensitive. Two people in a household may have very different, or even NO, symptoms. I’ve never had thyroid problems, but, I have convinced my GP to order the basic test and see how it looks.

      • Susie Says:

        Hi Frances,
        I just wanted to let you know that I have read a some cautions about putting oils on cats. I’ve read that it could kill them because their bodies don’t have the proper enzymes to break down the oils. I’ve also read that using the advantage will mess up their natural immune system leaving them a target for springtails. When I read your reply, it really hit home because I also had a cat that was about 16 years old that I used Advantage on him, not knowing, and he got liver problems and later died. In the two articles that I read regarding the Advantage, they said the springtails will ruin their liver, as their body tries to fight off the springtails and the bacteria.
        I read a lot about essential oils trying to rid myself of springtails. You may be interested in looking up some of these articles.

    • Leanne ODonnell Says:

      any fungal creme for vigina will help kill the fungus, then the bugs will flee. also try not to shower but instead use antibacterial wipes. The only thing that works for me is moringa powder. No more than a teaspoon a day. I put a 1/4 teaspoon in my coffees or a half teaspoon in two smoothies. Make sureyou dont have sugary foods or lots of complex carbs as they love sweet blood and fungus that grows on your skin from sugary foods. stop the fungus and the bugs will go too.

  3. Louise Says:

    I agree with the initial post— except that they DO bite or sting. My house was totally infected in July 2012. In the cleaning out and throwing everything away, I was stung/bitten from 5 to approx. 100 times a day. These bites were as hard as a bee sting– a red spot and a black-and-blue area around it about the size of a quarter every time until some areas were totally bruised and then numb for about 2 months. It really did something to the nerves–esp fronts of my thighs. I am getting most of nerve damage areas, feeling back.

    I treated with anything that would work to begin with–Seyman salve, PCO, Kleen Green, bleach, Arbonne,MSM bar soap, 91% rubbing alcohol . I slept with plastic bags on my feet to protect my toes after treating them. I went on high alkaline diet, got fungus and thyroid meds, along with olive leaf, copper, selenium and other treatments. Some days I would spray myself completely and wrap in towels soaked with one of the above for 20 minutes or so.

    I threw out the mattress, bought a plastic air mattress, used microfiber sheets, nylon comforter, and a steel bed frame. Treated the bed nightly and washed bedding daily for about 3 of those months.Showered twice a day, and went to bed immediately after nightly shower.

    To repel:Used oil of peppermint and cinnamon drops to keep away from eyes and nose–use carefully, as it does burn– accidently spilled bottle on my foot when applying drops carefully, and both feet had a blister there.

    Still battling the problem.–some days not as bad. I alternate with the following for showering: MSM, arBonne, Selsun blue, Primos Control Freak shampoo( found in outdoorsmen stores) and use anti fungal foot powder–put cheap gallon bags on while powdering–it saves alot spilling–wear the bags in my sandals till I get to the bed and then remove.

    Wash clothes after every wear– use bleach whenever I can. They make a Primo laundry detergent which I have not yet tried–but you want to kill fungus, as well as bugs. Young nymphs die immediately when sprayed with almost any cleaning product. Adults are tough. Keep bottles of rubbing alcohol to spray on them. PCO and the alcohol kills both adult and fungus, I use that in a washload–start machine and dissolve 2 0r 3 caps of PCO in a pitcher add, let agitate, stop machine for 1/2 hr or so. Add detergent and wash. I rewash to make sure rinsed good.

    We are also trying the menthol crystals in the mini crock pots in the car to see if that really works. Someone posted they ran it for 24 hrs until gone in crockpot or cupwarmer and aired out 24 hrs. This is one more experiment. May try ozone machine next if doesnt work.

    I carry spray alcohol everywhere, and sometimes the Kleen green, There are little spray botles one can refill purse size–If any movement in hair–just spay. Full size rubbing alcohol with sprayer rides beside me in the car.

    I throw shoes in wash machine, or buy in thrift stores and throw if not treatable–will do alcohol spay in them often

  4. Collembolann Says:

    Has anybody gotten rid of this stuff? If I just throw those black and white specs, do they grow into adults without any hosts?

  5. Ashley Says:

    We are a family of 5 that have all been infested with something for 2 months. No fiber/morgellons symptoms, thankfully. I am almost certain it began with a pair of pj’s from the thrift store. Symptoms are bite marks, sometimes in a line type pattern, sometimes in a group, sometimes random onsies anywhere on body. Also some areas of skin look rash-like, mostly in my blonde fair-skinned child only. The spots/bites can be tiny or larger but most seem to start out tiny and grow with scratching. The bugs seem to prefer one of my children and myself more than the others, we also have the fairest skin.
    Additionally, I feel crawlie sensations on my body, more on the left side than right (weird) and in scalp. Mostly my left foot, leg, arm and scalp (yet no bite marks on legs/foot even with an occassional stinging sensation there). I think my son may have crawlies too but he is too young to say so and he also has ringworm in his scalp from a cat we rescued (cat came after the infestation began so it wasn’t the cause). Nobody else complains of crawlie feelings, just scratching the bites.
    So at first we pegged it as bed bugs. We sprinkled DE ALL over the house (what a mess to clean, don’t recommend that) and a couple weeks into it bought the CedarCide fogger machine and 3 gallons of Best Yet solution. I sprayed us and the house/car 3 times, every 3-4 days. In hindsight this probably IS the cure but at the time I thought we had bed bugs so was treating for them, not mites. Mite are different and require more intense fogging more often. Expensive, yes, but it’s worth it for sanity I’m sure! When we fogged we had no new bites and I did not have crawlies then at all. It was when I quit fogging and resumed life that they ramped back up and multiplied, then crawlies began.
    Here is what we have used so far and the results: MSM bar soap- makes the skin feel good and possibly helps with healing but nothing miraculous. I continue to use it simply because either way it’s good for the skin, just a nice soap in general. DMSO- didn’t seem to help the one time I used it, stinks to high heavens and stings like crazy. Windex- sprayed directly on crawlies makes them go away quickly so I believe this works. CedarCide sprayed on crawlies also makes them go away but might take an extra 20-30 seconds to do so depending (I think) on size of bug sprayed, yet it seems much safer than Windex for this purppose so I can wait the extra seconds. I can physically feel the “bug” either stop dead in it’s tracks or slow down like it’s dying and then stop. We use borax in laundry, 1 cup that we dissolve in hot water first before adding. We use quarter machines at an apartment complex so we can’t stop them to sit and soak. CedarCide has a product to apply right to the washer to kill everything in clothes, I will be purchasing this for sure. We tried Sulfur 8 shampoo which didn’t seem to help and is very drying (can be purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply). The most HEALING thing we’ve used for the skin is a concoction I made up. A good quality aloe vera gel as a base (make sure it has no alcohol!), a scoop of MSM powder mixed into it (most of the MSM will dissolve, the animal MSM powders come with scoop), a fair amount of Neem oil, a couple drops of lavender oil and 1 drop of peppermint oil. This is soothing and healing! It also keeps them at bay some and if you apply 2 coats you have little to no new bites, just doesn’t seem to irradicate them,if you will. As a bonus this mix will cure up an acne breakout in 24-36 hours, totally clear, at least it did for me! I think there have been a few other things we’ve tried I can’t recall right now. Also, triple antibiotic ointment on top of the aloe mixture seems to either help heal bite spots or possibly suffocate anything there and/or not allow anything to re-visit the area as it is petroleum based like vaseline and thick.
    Now, we are headed out to purchase a pocket magnifying glass, like a jewelers loop, 45x I’ve read will allow you to see what you’ve got once you’ve caught something on clear packing tape or duct tape. But ether way our treatment will probably be the same. I believe the CedarCide stuff is the best solution, personally. There is another site that sells the same thing under a diifferent name (Dr. Ben’s Cedar is the same stuff) but I think their shipping rates are higher. Anyway, I have personally had the best results for the crawlies using Best Yet cedarcide. Last night I drenched everyone in this (on top of the aloe solution I feel is important for healing) and nothing new today. Most importantly I went along my hair line, separating it at every 1/4 inch and spraying it evenly on my entire scalp. I was very thorough with this, plus drenched my body too. I figured perhaps we’ve not been killing them in our clothes (some clothes do tend to be worse than others after washing) so I turned my sweat pants inside out (which I’d just been washing before my shower and had felt crawlies in) and sprayed them with Cedarcide before putting on. I also sprayed the inside and outside of undies and didn’t bother with the shirt as it was clean and I don’t think it had ever been contaminated yet. Conclusion? NO CRAWLIES! It is now noon the next day and I’ve not yet washed my hair and still feel no crawlie, that is HUGE for me! As a side note I want to say that although I’ve felt them crawling in scalp, there have been no bites, loss of hair, etc. In fact since using the aloe/msm/neem solution (which I had been rubbing into scalp but not as thorough as what I did last night) my hair seems to be even healthier and even the normal amount you lose in the shower has reduced noticably. I think think the msm or neem must be very good for skin and hair growth.
    OVERALL CONCLUSION: Although we are away from our house right now staying at an apartment (for husband’s work, unrelated to infestation, and yes we brought the mites to the apartment and infested it also now so it’s not a mold in the house issue) and I forgot to bring the expensive (but wonderful) fogger with me, we will are going to order more cedarcide and spray in good spray bottle or plastic pesticide sprayer thing. We will spray everything in the apartment daily, continue to spray ourselves before bed and possibly touch-ups during the day. We will continue to use Borax in washing until the cedar for laundry stuff comes to add to that. We will spray the car, car seats, etc. I beleve most of the stories I have read where CedarCide didn’t work was because it wasn’t used enough. One guy on the company’s phone said you have to spray once a day for 7 days including yourself, then periodiclly after that for good measure. I didn’t read that on their web site but that’s what I was told and I think I understand why. It is expensive though, but for my family’s sanity I believe the money is worth it. I know it’s an investment but if all else has failed or you won’t go the pesticide route like me, I’d try it out. The only downside I can say to Cedar is that it irritates the skin on my blonde child around the neck and causes it to become a little rashy. It does make my neck itch as well but nobody else in the family is bothered by it and it does seem to work well. My husband is allergic to juniper which is a cedar so it’s possible my fair skinned son is allergic to it but I think probably it’s just that he as extremely sensitive skin. To compensate what I’ve decided to do with our new prorocal is to use the aloe mix on his neck, then once that is dry slather triple antibiotic ointment over the rashy area. As I said before this seems to help heal and keep the mites away also. I’ll spray all the other areas of his skin it doesn’t irritate and just use antibiotic ointment on his neck area. Also I may have forgotten to note that along with drenching us in Cedar last night I also, during the day, sprayed everything I could with it. I washed all bedding and sprayed the air mattress the kids are using, the clean sheet I put on it, then the blanket they used, their pillows, around the carpet, etc. I did the same for our real mattress/bedding.
    If I think of anything else I will pass it on. I’ll try to post back when we’ve conqured this ordeal as well. It can be so depressing to read of all the negative stories and then not hear back when they’ve cleared things up.
    As a side note: We are also beginning the GAPS intro diet tomorrow for health reasons, we were doing this anyway. I’m hopeful this will help as well because it fully supports the immune system, cuts out all sugars, grains, etc. Included in the diet is a nightly detox bath of either apple cider vinegar, baking soda, seaweed powder or epsom salts on rotation. I am hopeful this will help also to kill things and bring the skin’s ph into balance which I’m thinking these mites won’t like.
    Good luck and I wish everyone the best! I am confident this can be cured with the right treatment. I believe you must support the immune system to get rid of these things. Just like a virus, make your body a hostile envirnment for them and they won’t survive. Disease can only live in an acidic entornment, turn it alkaline and you will heal (as for cancer, colds, flu, etc).

  6. BeccaRah Says:

    Would like to add that the use of corticosteroids (cortizone 10, or very strong damaging corticosteroids prescribed by your doctors) will render a reading of fungus in the skin as negative by any biopsy, further sealing your doctors diagnosis as delusional.
    Also, collembola is sombow excited by or eats corticosteroids. You will develop light-pink, swollen, peeling wounds as a result.

    This has been my personal experience. Please stay away from any kind of steroid-cream treatment if you are suffering from a collembola infection or, of course, any of the symptoms of morgellons syndrome.
    Best wishes and love to everyone.

    • BeccaRah Says:

      * need to add that overuse or extended use of corticosteroids may cause your skin to thin regardless of any infection.

      Also, collumbola have a relatively low thermal death point. So even if you cannot kill the infection throughout your entire body, lesions can be treated with bags of ice or quality (COLD) ice packs for 20-25 minutes per session, buckets/ bowls of ice water for as long can be tolerated.
      Some great face ice packs can be purchased on Amazon. I dunk my face in ice water a number of times for as long as I can in the mornings.
      I am getting results. Generally, the accute pain is noticeably decreased in the morning after icing the evening before. The more you ice, the faster your results will be but please don’t get frostbite.
      You can expect the wounds to peel away. This can also be a painful process but its a noticably different kind of pain – it’s pressure.
      It feels like an urgent rejection by the body…
      Not an itching or glass under the skin.
      I must say that while I’ve been icing and lesions are healing, I have experienced some new lesions under the iced areas, but they appear to coming up and out, rather than actually new.

      I also use ONLY TTO products on my body for its caustic element (TTO is used as a treatment for Demodex mites). I do this because Collembola like moist warm places and that’s exactly what we are doing when we put creams on our skin – we are making it lovely and comfortable for them.
      Love and best wishes to all. Never never never give up.

    • BeccaRah Says:

      Heat. Ice. Retin-A. Respiridone (a pain inhibitor but yes, also an anti-psychotic).
      Best wishes,

      • Thanks Becca. Glad you mentioned Retin A. Was going to try this myself and got prescription. Insurance didnt cover and I didn’t have 200.00 for the tube.
        I remember years ago being prescribed retin a for minor acne problem. It worked wonders.
        I wish more people mentioned this as a possible remedy.
        I’m going to try and order some online.
        If you are still around. I’d love to hear about how you made out in the long term.

      • beccarah Says:

        Wow. What a surprise to have this old thread pop up in my mailbox after over a year… It’s been a long a winding road to healing.
        I’ll start with where I am now. First, at long last and only recently, my disease has a medical name:
        Prurigo Nodularis. It is a secondary symptom of intense itching and excoriating, associated with nodules under the skin – there is a grim prognosis without finding the primary disease.
        Second, PN (as stated) is a symptom that is caused BY something – and there is a huge list of what can cause it – usually it is something more systemic that has not so far been detected.
        In my case, I am hoping it is Mastocytosis – another rare and I curable but very treatable disease. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult to diagnose. There are many forms of mastocytosis, and unfortunately, episodes of intense itching, anaphylaxis, fatigue, flushing, and general bone or musculoskeletal pain are reactions to something in the environment ie. an allergic reaction.
        I’m fortunate enough that I have a doctor who is willing to provide me with the medication for mastocytosis even though I have not had a bone marrow biopsy yet. (Some people never get medical evidence and are diagnosed based on symptoms – this is called Mast Cell Activation Disorder)
        I am now drinking 8 little plastic vials of Cromalyn each day. I am on day 16, and further in healing than I have ever made it before.
        Retin- A seemed to help me at the time, but never really went all the way. The anti-psychotic I was taking actually made me so anxious that I was eventually unable to drive, so I was taken off of it. But I believe it helped my itching and pain because it contained a nerve inhibitor and an anti-inflammatory.
        I use corticosteroids again, but sparingly, as I know that you can have a reaction and thin skin from overuse, but sometimes I just need it for some spot that won’t quiet itself – because it’s useful in cases of over hystimine degranulation – which is what mast cell dysfunction is.
        I also no longer use ANY tea tree oil products as I objectively know that they are caustic, and if I have a mast cell disorder, they can actually cause a reaction, even after some time of not causing a reaction.
        This is why antibiotics only go so far I think, and psychiatric care and meds, and mite treatments… They all may treat a symptom, a bit. You may even be treating a secondary symptom of PN, which is already a secondary symptom. But these layers of symptoms will continue to come back until you are treated systemically. That’s what I’m believing based on my experiences and research in the past year.
        I also cannot claim that I have Masocytosis, until the Cromalyn actually resolves my symptoms completely. (A second criteria of being diagnosed officially with MCAD – the first being symptoms).

        Sorry this is so long and filled with retractions but I’m hoping it will be useful.

      • Beccarah. Thank you for responding. Was relieved to hear you’ve finally found answers and names for conditions. And have been able to start treatment with a compassionate doctor. I hope this guy will help get you back to good health and sane mind. Strangely enough. In my search for truth. I’d never come across the names of your conditions. I thought I’d read and tried to treat everything possible to do with Morgellons, Lymes, Canida. Parasites.etc.
        You were so lucky to find a knowledgeable open minded Doctor.
        Not knowing what is wrong is so awful. And enough to drive Even the most sane. CRAZY. I almost checked myself in to a psychiatric hospital many times. But I didn’t even have the physical or emotional strength to deal with the intake.

        Wanted to reply sooner. But I’ve been busy. Finally! moving out of my toxic mold, springtail ridden apartment.

        After only 2 years. That place almost killed me. Not kidding. I was so confused and deflated and tired. Ready to give up.
        Wasn’t expecting what happened next. And I still can’t even believe it
        After only 4 days. In new place. My skin sores are healing. My hair is already back to normal. My cats fur is soft again. And they are happy and calm. Swelling in eyes has gone down. Greasy film on skin is gone. Thinking is clear. I’m no longer tired every second. I Was sleeping 14 to 16 hours a day.
        And the list goes on and on. You know all the symptoms if classic morgellons .
        I can’t even believe it. I threw out all my furniture and bed. Most of my clothes. And im holed up On the third floor of a rooming house in 2 tiny rooms. Just until I can get my shit together and find a real place. And I couldn’t be happier.
        After everything I read.. I thought for sure. Id be stuck with springtails forever. I probably could have salvaged my furniture. It so weird. The gross film that covered everything is suddenly gone. I swear to God. I feel like a person that just woke up out of a bad dream.
        Was funny Becca. When I first read your reply. I took a break from the move to write to you. But was so tired and overwhelmed and sick. I decided to save draft and finish later.
        OMG what a whole different story I’m telling in just a matter of days.
        I’m only writing this to you. Because people need to know. Mold is bizarre.
        You couldn’t smell the mold in my apartment. The water damage in ceiling and walls was visible. And the hardwood floors needed to be resealed. But you couldn’t smell the mold. And you couldnt see it. i believe it was behind walls and under floors. the bathroom paint all bubbled up for no reason. No matter how much I cleaned. Instantly Everything would be covered with this greyish green film. My feet turned black if I walked barefoot. My hair was knotted up and falling out. I tried every cleaning product and method. Enzymes were the only thing that could break down the grime. And an hour later. Filthy again.

        The springtails collembolla were on Everything. Everywhere. Couldn’t get them out of my clothes. Couldn’t get them off anything. I only know this because I finally got a microscope and was Clearly able to identify. I observed collembolla at all stages of growth. Was disgusting. I can’t even find words to explain How bad that apartment was. With so little ACTUAL visible signs. OF mold.
        My boyfriend didnt suffer as bad. He works 50 hours a week. But even at that. His hair was full of springtails. And he was even starting to get rashes on hairline and skin sores on stomach belt line.
        All my life I’ve had sensitive skin. I’m fair skinned green eyes. And even got rosacea at 38. So maybe I was predisposed for a more intense reaction or maybe an allergy to one of the toxins. Not sure.
        With all the new supplements and changes in diet The rosacea went away and was able to straighten out an always sluggish digestive track. But nothing touched the morgellons symptoms.

        Sorry for such a long post. Im still in shock over the difference. was so unexpected.I hope this story helps somebody or gives hope.
        I never thought mold was THAT bad.
        And even up to the day I moved I still questioned whether mold was the problem and causing the springtails.

        I wish you the best beccarah. And huge success with the relief that comes with diagnosis and treatment that follows. I appreciate you taking time to reach out and explain your story. And where You are at. You gave me strength. It helps so much to not feel alone.
        Thanks again!!!!!

      • beccarah Says:

        Hi Leedsstreet –
        Left a reply but I believe it came out as a post in the thread incronologically.


  7. MsJob Says:

    I have the collembolla dying in my skin. Some are about 1/2 ” long and they are very painful coming out. Any suggestion besides a needle used to pry a layer every day or so off the collembolla’s body and out of the skin? I have hundreds of pieces that I have gotten out. They are most painful when the furcula or legs(?) with barbs get stuck.

    • Debbie Says:

      Black or drawing salve should coax them out.. my mom used black salve to draw out poisoned blood (boils) to bring healing. Hope it works!

  8. Ken Redeman Says:

    Has anyone noticed scalp hair bonded together by some kind of sheath. Its transparent when you first pull it out with several strands banded together and as it dries out it will turn white? I really dont know whats going on, but I do know it has something to do with hair. Also when I pull it out it looks like small black hairs that are tiny & curly. Attached to every one. Going crazy with this!!

  9. Anthony marino Says:

    Hello, ivr been suffering from this condition for nearly a year. I noticed in your post you mentioned you had a problem with “them” in your ears, i have the same issue. When i press my ears against a surface i can feel a sort of crawling and literally hear what sounds like crackling and popping noises, if that sounds familiar, or you have heard about this before id love to know. Thanks for your time

  10. Carolyn Says:

    I have been battling Collembola for a year and a half. Thank God I found Richard Khuns. His book tells you everything you need to do and he updates us all via email on any new discoveries. He has a product call Nature’s Gift, that has saved my life. Go to his website and you can order his book, talk to him, buy the products, but defiantly read the book, it’s a life saver!!!

  11. Evelyn Says:

    I have the cure…citronella oil to use topically on surfaces….pure Casteel soap and super ointment…it killed mine…in my car I fumigate it but forgot the active ingredient (it stated with a “p”.. same ingredients used to kill bedbugs)….initially, once you find infestation in home, I merely wash your whole body with RID shampoo. Sulfur soap by Azure and sulfur ointment you same maker. IT WORKS

    • Anonymous75 Says:

      Has anyone found a way to get them out of the nose???? I’ve had this for 22 months and things are better overall, never gone. But recently the little rice grain slivers in the nose are constant. Help! I never see anyone address the nose specifically. I’ve tried all the sinus sprays, colloidal silver, menthol, all of it. They also come out of my pimples. Also would Evelyn care to private message me!

      • donnastamez Says:

        The 30 SPF Sport ( dry formula ), sun block lotion will help. Put a little dab of sun block on a q-tip and apply it just inside the nose and a little around the outside too. I like the Coppertone and the Equate brand at Walmart. Sun block is suggested on the stop mites blog to smother the fungus, although another brand is suggested.
        A tiny amount of Diatomaceous Earth ( food grade ) applied the same way, will dehydrate them. Be careful about breathing it. I recommend buying it online from the Piping Rock company.
        It takes a while to clear up the bugs. Hope this info helps.

      • carrie Says:

        Good day to all I wish I had good days I have these bugs that I feel they are out if control I lint roll every thing even myself I can do this much linger my dog has them to be trueful it is tearing us up badly I don’t know what to do I even moved at first they were light but didn’t take but 1 or 2 weeks to get out of control here in my new home I’m scared I’m scared were this is taken me I have them in my mouth my eyes my nose my vagina they are all over me inside and out I need help!!!! I’m at the end if my rope they are slowly killing me and my dog some one I beg please help me while I’m still around cuz I don’t feel like I am gonna be here much longer…

      • Susie Says:

        Hi Carrie,
        What I do to try to keep them out of my environment is to keep them from getting any water, since that seems to be their weakness. I keep all the sink areas as dry as possible or at least spray the area with Lysol if I don’t have a lot of time. I use Diatomaceous Earth in my carpet, bed, car, and on me at night before I go to bed. I use the air conditioner/heater to keep down the humidity in the air, as well as fans. I keep my fans running pretty much all the time. I put a small one in my bathroom as well.
        In my laundry I use vinegar, ammonia, or bleach, depending on the load. Usually about 2 cups.
        Since some people say springtails are attracted to fungus and some say they are attracted to people with a low immunity, I don’t really know what they are attracted to. I’ve just been trying all different things. Here’s my list of things I’ve been trying: shampoo with tea tree and mint, that I also put some peppermint oil in, for my hair. Lots of soaking in Epson salt or vinegar baths before my shower, about 3 cups of one or the other for my whole body, including soaking my hair. I put sun block on me and sometimes I use the terbinafine crème.
        I put hydrogen peroxide in my ears with a dropper. And of course the Diatomaceous Earth at night. I put the powder all over me with an empty powder bottle that I refilled with the D.E
        The supplements caplets I’ve been taking are: MSM (sulfur) , Milk thistle, Probiotic Acidophilus, and CoQ-10. The MSM to hopefully kill bugs and the rest to strengthen my immunity system.
        I have started using baking soda and lemon or lime water to fight candida, in case that might be part of the problem. Just look it up. Lot’s of sights for that. I’ve given up all forms of sweetners, except for natural sweetners such as honey and fruits.
        After four years of suffering with springtails, most of it not knowing what was wrong and of course no better luck with doctors than most people looking for help, I am starting to get much better and they don’t seem to be in my environment like before. I’m sure I was terribly infected, so I try to remind myself that it’s going to take time.
        This is an inexpensive and fairly easy approach to battling these bugs. It does take a lot of persistence and repetition. Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. I know it can be very tempting and it is not easy. My thoughts and prayers to all.

      • Jennifer Says:

        Did you ever get rid of them?

    • Roslyn Says:

      Can you tell me what super ointment is?

  12. Brinda Says:

    My husband and I were invaded by these nightmares! They started outside our home last summer and I didn’t know what they were. By Fall I am assuming I carried them in on my person. I have every one of the symptoms I have read. I also have a couple other internal issues. Yes , internal. I have used insecticides, baking soda , salt, windex and an all natural spray. We bathe in a medicated dog shampoo. I use permethrin cream on my body. I’ve taken doxycycline and two rounds of Ivermectin. Just took a dose yesterday. I’ve been to the doctor 3X. I wash our clothes in Borax, Dawn, Tide with bleach. I over dry all clothes before putting on. We are having to throw away our belongings. They are in our vehicles too. The Exterminators were no help. They told us they couldn’t infest the house to this degree. I’m collecting specimens for our University to examine now. I am living in HELL. Some of the above mentioned remedies help slow them down but no relief for long. They then start back with a vengeance. I am going crazy trying to rid myself , my car and home of these horrible pests. I come to this site often to see if any new information. I was amazed, yet appalled to see how many others are affected.

  13. Jeannir Says:

    Why arent doctors/scientist taking this seriously? We know that these MFers are attracted to water/ moisture. The human body is something like 50-64% water,therefore why it’s so unbelievable?
    Ive been dealing with these things for 4 YEARS!! My ears(and my children)are the worst. We can feel them moving and when we cant get them out,with q-tips and alcohol,it becomes painful.
    Any suggestions?

  14. travdog321 Says:

    I had these horrible “Morgellon’s” and “delusional” problems very severely for 8 months which seems to be the normal time it takes for a body without a compromised immune system to really clear them. However, if you haven’t already noticed, this stuff is in your gut too. My symptoms did not really begin clearing and staying clear until I convinced my doctor to give me one large dose of Ivermectin orally as he would’ve for severe scabies mites, and then I had to take one pill a day for three weeks after the initial 6 pill dose otherwise they kept returning. It is most likely a combination of parasitic fungi that attract microscopic bugs which feed on it. Horrifying I know, but you can beat this! Head and Shoulders shampoo is great for symptoms on the surface of the skin (but don’t leave it on sensitive skin more than 10-20 seconds as it burns) as it is actually an antifungal, Purell and other alcohol based skin sanitizer a work well too if you’ve already bathed a bunch that day but you have to rub it in as its application alone doesn’t seem to work, Hibiclense surgical cleanser works great too as a shower wash and was endorsed by my doctors (the few who agreed I had a parasite). I took tons of Benadryl because as you all know the itching is torture. Half hour soak baths with a cup of vinegar and a half cup of dish soap helped a lot when the open sores were worst and even closed many up but only with rubbing along with the soak. Avoid rubbing creams all over yourself as you should already know or will learn that these parasites involved in this syndrome are a hardy bunch immune to most chemicals. Wash your bedding once a week and put it in the dryer every day. Most of all, don’t give up. You will beat this but you have to look at it as a war and wars are not won overnight. Do EVERYTHING you can to bolster your immune system. Take probiotics every day and drink Kefir as it has 6 times more active cultures than yoghurt. DO NOT GIVE UP! I have been battling 10 months and I still notice that I am still colonized every single day – but 99% of the parasites (whatever they are though definitely some are fungal – this is a multiple parasite condition caused by a weakened immune system not improper hygiene though poor hygiene makes the problem way worse) are gone and I have my life back. This is very likely a lifelong condition I’m finding but it is very manageable!!! Get Ivermectin. Remember – medicine alone will not beat this – you need your immune system and sleep is its most important ally. If you are immunocompromised and suffering from this, I highly suggest you check yourself into a hospital as this combination of open sores and inflammatory responses can easily become dangerous. I repeat – if Ivermectin does not help and neither does the other recommendations or you are immunocompromised do not fool yourself – you need to be in a hospital.

  15. kristin e Says:

    Im so glad to hear you beat this.. My family and i are fairly certain this is whats going on. My doctors are saying they are un willing to prescribe me anything but ketokonizole shampoo, and declined doing a kin scraping on several clear bites/wounds on my face.. I went to a derm and he basically said its in my head. I left crying from both offices… Its effecting my life and my children.. We dont have the money to spend on trying hundreds of things ourselves.. Any suggestions would be so helpful…

  16. Carrie m Says:

    I have them very bad they are actually Makin me sick they are every were new I was going to move to somewhere so I started packing a while back probably 6 months ago so didn’t the station is so bad I think I have to leave everything l own. I lost both of my parents recently have have everything of theirs my dogs have it it’s bad I don’t know what to do I’m scared do I leave everything they’re in my ears nose eyes mouth vagina they’re all inside me sometimes I feel like I’m going to die I’m not going to live a long time because of them you’re driving me crazy and saying I’m scared to tell anybody I can’t find a doctor can I sue my landlord for not fixing the pipes and creating all that moisture in my basement or my job I work for the Mosquito Abatement and I wore a bacillus which is a bacteria 414 years it seeped into my skin I don’t know what to do but I’m in this situation because of everybody else that has put me there not by fixing things and using a pesticide what has this world come to someone please help

  17. Sonya Says:

    Myself & my husband are infested with Collembola (and my house)
    It’s been 3 weeks… I have no clue where it came from & my two sons are not effected at all. Thank God.
    We have tried EVERYTHING & I mean everything. I have had good results with spraying Lotriman spray on me for the itching.
    And I have collected many pictures with my digital microscope from all the tiny specs left in my bleach/borax/apple cider vinegar & Epsom salt hot baths. I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was looking at… but my 1st 10 bugs I looked at, all looked the same & so my search began. Searching the Internet for days on end… until I found the bug that looked like my pictures.
    Which were also identified by sending the sample to University of Florida in Gainesville.
    However…. if you could share with me as to how you got rid of these horrible bugs, I would be beyond grateful.

  18. Michael Rosario Says:

    I probably had/have one of the worse infestations you could imagine. I had them coming out of my skin and taking flight. Aside from daily skin treatments I believe it is the doxycycline thats finally working. I passed thousands of them in my stool since starting the medicine. I had to trick the doctor to get the antibiotics. I complained of my chronic cough (which is present, I don’t know if because of the bugs or not). But get antibiotics NOW!

  19. Bre Says:

    This is the second day I’ve been really itchy I’ve notice usually only when I’m at home, which is at night. Then we noticed some tiny, tiny, bugs around the bathtub and toilet. After research I’m very positive they are spring tails. I only found about 7. Hopefully I don’t have a lot. I read and seen vinegar can get rid of them. I do think I have a pipe leak underneath my house. So maybe that’s why I have them ? My main question is how do I or how can I make my body stop itching so much? I can’t take how bad I itch. Thanks for the help

  20. Jennifer Says:

    We’ve gotten rid of the infestation, we think…with fogging w Cedarcide. But I beg you to please help me understand how did you tell the difference between the fungus sensation and the Collembola sensation?

    Almost all my red marks are gone and the few red marks I still have from fungus are almost all dried up. BUT, I still feel as though I have a feather like creepy feeling throughout the day and night on my face and hair and sometime my body and it also feels like it’s a feather moving but NOt crawling and not going anywhere and at times something landing on me lightly but NOT going or moving anywhere!? Is this just the fungus sensations or do we still have Collembola? Even w a 10x magnifying mirror I see nothing and I’m not getting new marks but I don’t want to dismiss it if it is Collembola an not diff the crap out of them, and them spread more.

    • Bee Says:

      I also fogged with Cedarcide for a good period of time and was nervous when I stopped. I knew things had greatly improved but I still felt some things: a light popping sensation on my head from time to time, a pop off of my eyelashes, the feathery feeling, and a sensation that something would land and just sit on me. I spoke with Megan Wells from the StopSkinMites website and she said she thought these things I was still feeling were fungus symptoms. Her comment was that no bug just lands on you and then just sits there. A bug will always crawl. This did make sense to me so I decided to stop fogging as she advised. It has been 3 months now since I stopped and the feathery and something sitting on me sensation have both stopped completely. I still have occasional mild popping on my head and eyelashes but it is getting to be less and less. It still makes me nervous but since the other symptoms went away totally I am taking the approach that if I should feel like things are getting worse and feel any crawling I will immediately start fogging again. Also, when things were at there worse I could really feel the sensation of the collembola in our house – like my house was a jungle. I don’t feel that at this time so try to take it day by day and be aware. I had a really hard time with our carpet. Fogging didn’t seem to be enough. I was still feeling ghostly mild pings so I used Pronto Plus Bedbug and Dust Mite Killer (Amazon) along with food grade diatomaceous earth and later felt like Bengal Full Season Flea Killer Plus from Walmart worked well. The pinging goes away and then seems to come back some. I think I will be spraying the trouble spots on our carpet for some time. Although I feel a little on them, nothing seems to really get on me and crawl. Ultimately, I would like to get rid of our carpet.

      All my marks are cleared up. No stinging or pinprick. Has been a little better each day and I feel like I am almost to the finish line. Just hopeful that I can get 100% over this with more time.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      • Jennifer Says:

        Thank you SOO much!! Yes, this helps bc exactly what you are saying is where I’m at, no movement or crawling but feathery landing and staying feeling and popping and staying feeling, also some tingling at times in my scalp and on some skin that kind of feels like crawling but I really think its fungus bc it’s always in the same places. Thank you again!!

  21. Bee Says:

    You’re welcome – I hope this works for you. Another thing is that all while I was fogging, I would keep the fogger next to my blow up mattress bed at night. If I felt anything that scared me too much I would put the fogger on the bed and spray down under my sheets on to my body. After I stopped fogging the whole house, I still keep the fogger by me at night for awhile and did this if I was too nervous about what I was feeling. After awhile, as I got more confident, I stopped. Spraying it on your body might not really do anything – I don’t know – but it made me feel better.

    I had (and still have) the tingling too and I think it is fungus. At my worst I had tingling and tightening all across my upper back. Now it has decreased and I have a small patch on my one lower shoulder blade that tingles from time to time – not even every day. At first, when it was bad, I though it was the collembola but then I realized that I never felt crawling anywhere else on my back (or chest or stomach) so I really do think it is fungus related.

    Hang in there. It’s so hard to know what to do – I feel like I am pretty much fumbling through this since there is no medical help. Thankfully there are websites like this one that offer helpful advice.

  22. Corey Nieder Says:

    Can you tell me exactly how you got rid of this ? My wife and I recently stayed at a hotel that had them I KNOW this is what it is. Can you please send your story? We can’t even go home… my best friend has it. Did you ever feel sick like nausea?? Please answer back we feel like we are fighting for our lives at this point. The hospitals say we are crazy and need to go to mental hospital or say to take some bactrim or sulfameth and the bites will go away but it doesn’t work. Your help would be so much appreciated. Thanks Corey

    • Jennifer Says:


      This is seriously horrific. Anyone who has to go through this, I ache for bc I’ve been there. Contains via email at and I’ll walk you through it.

      • Bee Says:


        I agree with Jennifer and I understand what your are saying – this has been absolutely the most horrific and disturbing thing I have experienced in my lifetime and I do believe it is a fight for your life. But, first off, I want to say that I feel like I am almost over this so hang in there. I believe it is possible to get over this. I hope this info might help in some way.

        Although this is affecting yourself, your wife, and your friend, I was the only one affected in my household. Neither my husband or son experienced any problems although my husband did feel the collembola jump up on his legs every once in a while. (Collembola feel like invisible fleas. I did identify them in my house) Also, I am not aware of anyone who I came into contact with that caught this from me. Since I was the only one it makes sense that something was attracting the collembola to me. I believe my problem was fungal. I had a large, very deep, amalgam filling removed right before this all happened. The dentist tugged and tugged to get it out. In my reading about all this, some people believe it can have something to do with mercury toxicity. I read that removing an amalgam (mercury) filling causes more toxicity that when they put it in. Your body overproduces yeast because the yeast binds to the mercury in an attempt to remove it from your body. Looking back, this is where I believe my problem started. I had dry cracked heels for years – the doctors said it was dry skin. When this all happened, my heels got really bad and it spread to my forefoot and I got a light white coating on my toenails. The doctor said it was a fungal infection and gave me 2% Ketoconazole cream (would not give me an oral anti-fungal) I think there are probably a lot of other ways this gets started so if you can figure out what might have attracted them to you hopefully you could stop whatever the issue is. So, for me, I believe that it is a two-fold thing you have to address: getting rid of the bugs and getting rid of the fungus issue or whatever is making them be attracted to you.

        When this happened I was so scared. I tried all kinds of stuff and spent a lot of money – we are still paying off our credit card. I can only tell you to try to control that impulse but I know it is so hard when you are in the middle of this. This is what I did:

        For me Cedarcide worked to get rid of the bugs. It was costly but, I believe, worth it. We got rid of our mattress right away. Shortly after that we put our couch and loveseat into the garage. I do not want them back in our house – eventually they will go to the dump. (Thankfully both the mattress and furniture were really old and needed to be replaced. Right now we are living on two blow up mattresses which serve as both beds and furniture. We did not get rid of our son’s bed or a futon down the hall as I was not in those rooms and stayed out except for fogging the rooms. Been no problems with them) I was told by Megan Wells that after one week of fogging EVERY DAY with Cedarcide, all collembola adult, nymph, and eggs should be dead. For me I don’t think a week would have done it. My house was cluttered and I had closets full of stuff. I went through the house clearing everything off of the floor so there was no place for them to hide when I fogged. I also emptied out all of my bottom kitchen cupboards and the bottom of our pantry. I am not sure how long you might need to fog your environment. I know I was still feeling some residual sensations as described above so this kept me fogging way longer than I should have and spending a lot more money. I would try to concentrate on what you are feeling. If it is definitely a crawling sensation you may need to fog longer. Cover your electronics with a blanket as the fog can damage them, watch how much you fog in your car (my dash boards lights go dim and get bright on their own) and watch if you have cats. The Cedarcide website says the oil is safe for cats, but my cat really seemed to get sick and now has hyperthroidism which can be due to environmental toxins. The people at Cedarcide were really nice and I do believe it is a legitimate company. They have a video that shows how to use the fogger. It says that the fogging gives out such a fine mist of the cedar oil that it can kill the smallest of things like collembola. In all honesty, I hated the smell – kind of a smokey cedar smell. Also it leaves somewhat of a residue, but it is biodegradable and doesn’t hurt anything. I just cleaned my fogger out with some soapy hot water the other day. I will keep it for the rest of my life just in case anything like this happens again. I have read that some people have not had success with Cedarcide. I acted really quickly (husband wanted me to check with doctors/exterminator – I did but neither helped. 5% Permethrin (Elimite) twice and 3 weeks of Ivermectin. I would feel better for a day then the bugs would be back. I believe this is because they were in my environment. They would wait until the meds were out of my system then come back to bother me.) So, I was fogging our house about 3 1/2 weeks after I was first affected by the collembola. I think acting quickly may lead to more likelihood of success (?) Also, I think you have to work on whatever your problem is (fungal or other) in order to truly rid yourself of this and keep them from being attracted to you.

        I did whatever I could to keep the bugs off of me at night while I was going through the fogging period. I used the Walmart brand spray for athelete’s foot and spayed it on all of my hair and powdered all of my body with food grade diatomaceous earth. I also used Gold Bond Menthol powder. I got a mosquito net thing from Walmart that is supposed to go over a hat. I cut a hole on the top so things would not be trapped on the top of my head and pulled the netting over my face. At least I felt like my face was protected some that way. I got a bug spray for rose bushes and would spray some on a paper towel and lightly pat in on my forehead all around the hairline each night. I used Nizoral shampoo on both my body and hair. As mentioned in previous post, I kept the fogger near me and spayed if I felt anything that bothered me too much at night. I did not take any baths – I only showered. I had stopped with any stinging sensations (which I believe are fungal) then started up again about a month later so I started showering and washing my hair every other day. I just wanted to stay as dry as possible and not encourage any more fungus. When the stinging had stopped for about 2 weeks, I started taking baths and put in 2 oz. of Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid (10% Sodium Hypochlorite, 90% other ingredients) I got from Walmart (cheap). It says it kills algae and bacteria. I had read that it is recommended to get into a chlorinated pool every day if you have mites. I did not want to go to a swimming pool and maybe expose people to this so bought this and put it into a hot water tub and soaked once a day. Be careful though – we have a large soaking tub so, depending on the size of your bathtub, you may want to try less of the chlorinating liquid. You don’t want to burn or hurt your skin so start with less. I am still doing these soaking baths as of today. I feel like it helped to kill off any residual bugs that might have possibly still been on my body after the fogging and helped to kill off the fungus. I also would use some hand sanitizer particularly on my feet. I would see, at times, a transparent thing pop off of my body when I would put it on. I believe that some of the collumbola were in the pores of my heels where the fungus was particularly bad. I would not use the hand sanitizer any more than you have to as it kills the good bacteria on your body. I would really try not to use anything toxic if possible.

        While this was going on I did a parasite cleanse: Paranix from DuraDetox ( Instructions are on the bottle. It says you should do two bottles if it is the first time so I did and then I have continued with taking 2 pills a day and now down to 1 pill a day just as a maintenance thing. I bought some horse ivermectin on Amazon (apple-flavored ivermectin horse paste). It comes in a plastic tube with a plunger. It has markings where you push out a section of the paste with each section being for a 250 lb horse. I would use 1/2 this plus some as I weigh about 160 now. I took a dose once a week – first thing in the morning with a full glass of water and then waited an hour before eating. It made me nervous but I knew I couldn’t get it from my doctor (after 2 visits in which I was careful what I said, I was being looked at like I was crazy) and wanted to take care of anything that maybe was internal. I am not a doctor and can’t tell you to do this or to do the parasite cleanse, but I have since been back to my doctor and had blood work done and my liver and all else is fine. I stopped the ivermectin about a month ago. I watched my sugar intake as I read that this would fuel the fungus. I was diabetic before I started with this so I’m sure I was very attractive to the collembola. I lost 50 lbs over the course of this – mostly I think because of how frightened I was. Just no appetite. Now my blood sugar is normal.

        About a month ago, I started taking a supplement called Chlorella (Now brand 500 mg Amazon) I take 3 in the morning an hr before I eat and do the same in the evening. It is supposed to help with getting mercury out of your system. I also, at the same time, started taking supplements recommended by a holistic dentist (, About our Dentistry, Basic Detox for Amalgam Replacement) because I have more amalgam removal I need to get done. Since starting these supplements, I have had an almost overnight significant decrease in the sensations I was having and I am no longer feeling anything from the carpet as mentioned before. I am thinking that some of the sensations were related to the mercury as it can cause tingling in the extremities. I really feel I am about over this. I just hope my problems don’t start up again with my future dental work — or for any other reason.

        All of this took place over a period of time. I first started with strange stuff in early January 2017. I broke out into a full body sensation of tics, pops, twitches and crawling mostly on my face and forearms in early March 2017. I had bumps on the shins of both legs from ankle to knee and small sores here and there.
        At first I would wake up many nights with chills that would make my teeth chatter. Also my toes would be numb. I don’t remember nausea but I had no appetite. After I did the Cedarcide, it was a long process of sometimes 1 step forward and 2 steps back but I could always see that things were getting a little better over time. I have not had any crawling since May, no stinging since late June and have been sleeping through the whole night for a long time. I am hopeful that I am about done with this.

        I think I have read everything you can on the net regarding this issue (collembola, invisible bugs, mites, etc.) I very rarely saw anything about anyone recovering so I did not believe it was possible. Also, there was not much current info. It seems like everywhere I looked there were people talking about it in like 2014 and then all the conversation stopped. I hope that this information and the help you get from Jennifer gets you to the finish line. Hang in there. At my worst (March thru May) I was in a state of shock and so depressed and so overwhelmed. I didn’t see how I was ever going to get through this. My husband always believed me and told me I would recover. I am now so thankful to be better.

        You might want to check out a site that gives some advice and seems to have some current comments: Scroll down to the bottom to view or make a comment. Also there is a link to a petition to Congress regarding this bug problem. You can read comments there and maybe get some more helpful information.

        Wishing you the best,
        Take care,

      • Stacey Says:

        I need to be walked thru this one year I have had this and I believe it come from my dog. I’m all alone with it. Medical mafia does not help people that claim they have a parasite, mites, bugs etc. Why would they really help us no money in us being healthy.

      • Susie Says:

        I have been suffering with these collembola for 5 years now. I can’t get help either. I’ve tried lots of different things. Recently, I’ve been making a mixture of 1/4 cup aloe vera gel and 1/4 cup either vodka or apple cider vinegar with about 20 drops of essential oils. The essential oils I’ve tried so far are tea tree and clove. I put it in a spray bottle. When I spray myself and rub into my skin a little bit, the spray kills them instantly.

  23. Stacey Says:

    Thank you for this post!

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