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A Suggestion from One of Our Commentors! October 8, 2012

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“I have had the same horrendous problem. Actually, there is a fairly quick fix. I hope that this helps you. I went through something similar when I lived in Northern California. It was around April 2010 that it began. I finally got help as I was suffering from a toe fungus which was occurring at the same time. After 8 months of this horrible problem, and no help from doctors, or pest control, or anyone! I got help and it finally killed off these beastly things. It was the strongest fungal medication prescribed. It is called “Lamisil” or Terbinafine. It must be taken internally. If you have any fungus growing on your nails, use the external stuff too. This killed the parasites. Ater eight months of agony and it was gone in three to four weeks. I hope this helps you. It is horribly unfair for anyone to have to undergo being treated like we are crazy by a medical community that simply doesn’t have any clue and because if they don’t know the answer then it must not be real.”


9 Responses to “A Suggestion from One of Our Commentors!”

  1. Leslie Says:

    What were your symptoms? Crawling? Biting? Pin Pricks? Did you feel electric shocks in front of a tv or computer? Spider web on skin feeling? Please advise thanku

  2. Leslie Says:

    Also how did you finally get diagnosed? Did they give lamisil for a fungus on ur skin which could be seen? or just to treat ur toenails?

  3. Hopefully, my most recent post will answer your questions. The Lamisil pills were from another person’s comment, so I’m not quite sure about that. Usually the fungus on the skin cannot be seen without a microscope.

  4. leslie Says:

    hi! Sorry I cant find your most recent post- could you cut/paste it or direct me to where i might find it? secondly, we did get a positive id of the fungus through a microscope slide confirmed to be fungus by a biolgist and pathologist. did you find out what type of fungus it was? Also, how to treat it? Lamisil internally and over the counter anti fungals have not been working for us. Thanku.

  5. Katrina Says:

    Lamisil or Terbaline didnt help or anything else but here’s a vid of of it & they used dry brewers yeast guessing the one with high chromium content. nothing helps tried it all spent over 30 G trying …

    • leslie Says:

      I couldnt open ur video can u repost that? What were ur symptoms? How much dry brewers yeast did you use? For how long? Thanku – we’re still suffering- we got rid of all of our clothes, furniture and moved and we’re still suffering- me, my husband and 2 children- I am very depressed any help will be appreciated

  6. me Says:

    I took Lamasil, didn’t do much that I saw – but Econazole cream twice a day – that helped immensely. Still not totally free, but getting better now.

    • That’s good! Antifungals and antibiotics should make you not as attractive to them because that is what they feed off of on your skin. A fungal infection on the skin also causes additional crawling and itching sensations. You also have to get rid of them in your environment, which is the hard part.

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