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Ozone a Success! September 11, 2012

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The ozone machines are working!  We have successfully treated our cars.  It takes at least three hours at 28,000 mg/h, and I have repeated once or twice a week.  I have also thrown clothes in the car while the machines are running to treat them.  The car and clothes are about 90% better after treatment.  For homes, I would seal of rooms and treat them one at a time to try to get a high concentration of ozone.  I don’t know specifics yet.  But, just try experimenting.


19 Responses to “Ozone a Success!”

  1. Leah Says:

    Hi there! I am curious to know whether ozone has worked for you. I have had this for eight years and I am trying to figure out which route to take next.

  2. It has helped relieve the problem about 80% but hasn’t completely gotten rid of it. If I treat my car and clothes every few days, along with taking epsom salt baths, I feel pretty good! I don’t know if the machines kill eggs because I have to keep re-treating.

  3. paula Says:

    when you do the baths dont they go to live where the sun doesnt shine? does your ozone generator have an ionizer and air purification? Which model is it? Thanks!

  4. lola Says:

    Hi, which ozone machine did you find works, there are so many and would prefer to get one from experience. I appreciate your help ! also have them at my workplace, its been 5 years

  5. The link to the website in which we ordered the ozone generators in under the links tab. We got the three pack of 28,000 mg/h. The site calls it the Rugged Pro 2x. The Rugged Pro 3x is stronger and may be ever more effective.

  6. sonny Says:

    Has the ozone treatment worked for you?

    I am in India. I am planning to get one of these ozone generators from US, which is going to be expensive and not easy. I do not have much other options as it is difficult to find other treatment products here and the problem is getting worse by the day. Also will ozone cause any damage to paint on walls or any other objects?

    • The ozone has been very helpful! Make sure to get the suggested concentration. Do you have a cleaning product like Windex in India? The ozone does not damage paint or anything. It just clouds windows, which can be cleaned off with glass cleaner.

      • sonny Says:

        Well, I came to the conclusion that getting an ozone generator from US to India will not be economical at all for us Just planning to take few things and move to a new place and to wash all the clothes and use an air bed until we can be sure we have got rid of it. We have already disposed off all the mattresses and pillows.

  7. lola Says:

    I spent so much money on the ozone machine and the smell is so strong, both my husband and I get sick from it. Our neighbors complained about smellGot the 3X rugged pro?

  8. New girl Says:

    I’ve had this issue for about three months, I’m fighting everyday. Going to try ozone before I try cider cide fogger (I see it didn’t help some) How are you doing? Is your hair still a problem? Any advice on specifics of how to use the ozone, how long to leave it on in a home or room and car? Did it damage anything? Are you still using it? Sorry about all the questions!

    • Hello! My hair is pretty much under control. About once a week I take a bath in epsom salts and soak my hair with ketoconazole shampoo and epsom salts. Then, about every other day I spray my hair down with Windex before I get in the shower. The best advice I have for the ozone machines is try to to the smallest area possible, for the longest time possible. I put two machines hoses in my car window and tape up the crack. I leave it running for a minimum of three hours. I throw my clothes in my car while I do this to de-bug them, too. For the house, I would try to do a room at a time. The machines need to be able to suck in fresh air, so the put the machines outside the enclosed space you’re cleaning and use the hoses. Make sure to air out the room or car before going in because it can make you sick. 😦 I’ve accidently given myself coughing attacks. I do my car about every week and a half. I don’t know if it doesn’t kill the eggs or something, but eventually they start petering out. The ozone won’t damage anything, except it gets rid of stickiness on like tape or command strips. I hope that helps! Feel better!

  9. Ann Says:

    I bought a very powerful ozone machine, the Bioblaster Pro 50,000 and although it did kill the living collembola, it did nothing for the eggs or larvae.
    I tried different lengths of time, up to 48 hours, and still not luck. It’s great for other insects or mites, but not this arthropod.
    I finally went to scientific researching, where they try to make them live and studied what impacted them and what did not. What I learned was, they simply hold their breathe, incase themselves in wax and feces, and come out when the coast is clear.
    I have to say, it is a wonderful way to control the source of their food; fungi and mold, but only on the surface, and certainly not in soft materials.
    To anyone who is dealing with collembola infestation, don’t invest in these expensive quick fixes. It takes a multitude of things, in the body, on the body and in the environment to get rid of them entirely, and time. We got rid of ours in 7 months and still on the combination of supplements, probably for life.
    Just type in “What kills collembola and their eggs and larvae?” Or, “What is the highest temperature that collembola can withstand?” Ask questions that a scientist would ask and then study the results.
    Right now, at 180 degrees, I am successfully killing all the eggs, larvae and collembola in my oven. Four hours, four times. But, you must be careful and keep a close watch or you will burn something. I preheat the oven for at least an hour, then use foil on the lowest and highest racks to keep any direct contact from the coils. It takes about one hour to make the core temperature 180, so you can’t count those times. Four hours at 180 degrees, through-and-through.
    I’ve also found the perfect essential oil formula combination to kill them, used regularly, that will kill them. Cars and upholstered furniture? Get rid of them until you are all clear, then begin again. Everything else can be saved using the methods I’ve used. I’m worn out and skinny, but I won the war!!!

  10. Ann Says:

    I left out the fact that what I’m baking at 180 degrees are clothes, shoes, belts, and other cloth and leather items that they love. I’ve also used this to kill them in paperwork. They only need one cooking, but you have to turn them frequently. Pack them in D.E./mothballs and store in 2 gallon Hefty zipper bags. I’ve also been able to save artwork and photos this way. Does this always work without damaging something? NO. But it beats having to throw everything away.

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