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Ozone a Success! September 11, 2012

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The ozone machines are working!  We have successfully treated our cars.  It takes at least three hours at 28,000 mg/h, and I have repeated once or twice a week.  I have also thrown clothes in the car while the machines are running to treat them.  The car and clothes are about 90% better after treatment.  For homes, I would seal of rooms and treat them one at a time to try to get a high concentration of ozone.  I don’t know specifics yet.  But, just try experimenting.


Ozone Machines September 4, 2012

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Our ozone machines are supposed to arrive tomorrow and so begins the experimenting.  What I know so far is that we tried a 28,ooo mg/h  ozone machine on my car for an hour and it helped a lot, but didn’t completely get rid of them.  I found a guy using them sucessfully on a blog for collembola at 28,000 mg/h for three hours.  And, the article below used them successfully to get rid of bed bugs.  Basically, what the machine does is turn oxygen (O2) into (O3) suffocating anything biological.  Therefore, it is not safe for humans to be present in an enclosed space with the generator.  The second link is the site to the generators that we bought, along with our exterminator.  I will post more later once we figure out specifics of time, square foot, etc.