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Dr. Bronner’s and the Washer & Dryer July 20, 2012

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I don’t think that Dr. Bronner’s is too effective in the laundry, but it seems to help with my hair.  Make sure to clean your washer and dryer because collembola may be living in both and contaminating the laundry.  Clean the dryer with an ammonia and windex mixture, and run the washer every once in awhile with a lot of bleach.


8 Responses to “Dr. Bronner’s and the Washer & Dryer”

  1. Ann Says:

    I was a little slow in learning this, but the washer and dryer, especially the dryer, also get infested in parts you cannot reach. Best to go to a laundry mat and never use the same ones twice. This will not spread it to others because they’re looking for the original vector pheromone and no one else will have it.
    I also iron everything, inside and out, with a good steam iron. I use Kleen Green in a spray bottle, making sure that everything gets a little on there. Itch-free clothing, blankets, etc..but a lot of work.
    I have finally found the perfect formula using Kleen Green and a mix of about 10 essential oils that slowly kills them. They first get sick, then deformed, then no more…Contact me if you’re interested in knowing my strategies.
    A footnote: If everyone isn’t on board, then nothing will work. Everyone in your home has to do their part or it’s a permanent problem. And pets? They can’t follow the rules, but re-homing them? They get well!!!!!
    This ‘plague’ can destroy relationships, finances, homes, etc…so I make all my own products that work better than any products on the market. I learned how to eat the right foods and the right supplements/herbs, and how often. That said, we were cleared in 7 months. The first go-round was a nightmare of 3 years and all it took was the guy who hauled off our stored items, came into our house to be paid and we were infested again. The original vector came in and woke the ones who didn’t recognize us. It’s been a long 6 years, but I’ve learned so much, about everything, especially myself.
    There are no miracles here, just the right ingredients, the right amount of time and a regular routine. It can be done. You did nothing to cause this. It simply happened. Wrong place. Wrong time. Perfect storm???
    We’re all dealing with some sort of vector, but not the same ones. There are thousands of different ones, so take what works for you and forget the rest. The best way to find out is to get sticky traps, capture some and carefully fold, into a circle without crushing them, into a toilet paper roll. Take it to the Dept. of Agriculture and see what you’re dealing with. What works for say, bird mites will not work for collembola. Collembola is absolutely the hardest to kill. Read studies from universities, soil conservation and other resources pertaining to your vector. With this knowledge, you will know what keeps them alive and what kills them. For me, I turned my home into a desert climate using UVB lighting, dehumidifiers and HEPA air cleaners. Collembola love moisture and darkness, so I deprived them of this. Worked. Still had to use a daily vacuuming, wipe down and carpet cleaning, 2x a week with my special mix, but it worked. Had to get rid of all upholstered furniture, but they can be replaced. You can’t.
    Ask for help from the divine, however you see that. I ask them all!!! hahahaha!!! Let me know if I can help.

  2. Cassie Ganier Says:

    OMG!! I had no idea until recently that I moved into a mold filled house. I have been sick since I moved in 3 years ago in May. I cannot even afford to pay the $5 for this site. Landlord lives in Australia and the management company knew full well they are tearing the building apart. They forget it’s here. I spend countless hours picking balls out of the wash, bathing pets, washing bedding in hot water and changing bed every other night… well now I don’t even sleep in my room. Ripped living room carpet out (which is at the far end of the house) and could breath better the very next day. Eyes still swelled when waking up… seem to be healing my cats… one is happier and has more energy like 3-4 years ago, other two are sleepy and throwing up from all the treatments but they are better. My poor dog is the one suffering. I cannot live without her. I’m a domestic violence survivor in hiding and she IS my protection. Looks like I have to treat a fungus infection in her ears again. I am SO TIRED. Last night I went to clean up the futon mattress to put on the pull out couch- as cannot sleep in my bed I love unless I can get it into the living room. It started raining yesterday and I hear the drips in the ceiling… confirming my suspicion when vacuuming up all the webs… found black insulation coming out of the closet in entryway which shares the wall with my bedroom= leak. The studio on the other side of my bedroom has had a patch of mold over 9 ft by 12 ft since before I moved in!!! My head is absolutely FULL of huge lumps and pulling what looks like the Morgellons off it… for awhile but it is at its worse. OH- so I was cleaning futon… and noticed fiber-hairs that would try to … no … would dig into the fabric and try to bury itself while I was trying to get it off. Had to get my magnifying glass and FREAKED OUT I TELL YOU!!! The carpet was an inch thick of what I could not figure out how much of what hair it was coming from. Broke 4 vacumes, the belt broke on another one every time I used it and one is full of just vacuuming a 6ft area!!! Well, I witnessed these dang fibers moving!!! Digging into the bottom of futon as it is black. My whole arm tingled when I touched one… and it disappeared. I am worn out and definitely freaked out. Have ziplock bag full of little balls I pick out of laundry… and one… finally found one that indeed is a cocoon with some sort of bug inside.!!! My hair is- has been thinning, all plants died, and I don’t think I will ever be done trying to rid this stuff. MY HEAD IS KILLING ME and so many lumps and wounds that if I bend over feels like a brick and I almost pass out.

  3. Cassie Ganier Says:

    Wait, where are you guys? My comment post says correct date except for the time. It says it is 4:50pm and it is 11:50 am.

  4. Cassie Ganier Says:

    I need help!!! Broke, don’t know if contagious, know is the house now… so I do have to get rid of furniture?? I’m going to lose it. I am in Missouri- USA by the way

  5. Cassie Ganier Says:

    I thought pets were fighting fleas from the prior tenant’s pets on the carpet. The first night I spent the night in the new rental, there were invisible bugs jumping all over me. Felt them jumping through the open window as well. SO I’m not crazy. This is caused by mold, springtails that turned to Collembola. Finally (I think) got all the mites off my cats… now down to Demotix mite fight in one… apple cider vinegar is the only thing working.. after spending a fortune on shampoos, and backbreaking bathing 4 animals a night. Spent a fortune on Fastcaps thinking was fleas in the beginning as I was never home. MY POOR BABIES!!! A whopping $30 for 6 pills!!! Do the math of four pets in a week alone. But that did lead me to find the sores and NO FLEAS at all. So mites seem to be gone on the cats so that shampoo is no longer doing a thing… but the Demotix mites are becoming a winning battle now too. Just poor dog. I know she has Morgellons. I was plucking black fibers out last night… well what ones that wouldn’t disappear back into her skin… open wound with a weird white bubbled circle around it. So am I losing it? What do I do? Need the Dr.’s who are studying it to come and study this place and its inhabitants, and study the before… causes.. throughout the fix of.. or leaving… which I cannot afford milk right now. They would have an accurate and correct study on cause, treatment, humans and pets.

  6. Cassie Ganier Says:

    OH yea, to back up, I was hospitalized within a few months of moving in. For over 7 days. They removed a polyp from colon sending it out asap as cancer… and never saw Dr after!! Never had answers from them. Paid $100 to go to Dr I know is smart with my test records and inflamed small stomach. Was throwing up and diarrhea for so long, with abdominal pain so bad… started passing out. My potassium and other levels were so low I was hospitalized. ALL my T.V.’s blew up, just… I could go on and on. After nettie potted, a HUGE clump of Morgellons was on tip of nose. They are in my ears, nose, sinuses, eyes, …. this BITES

  7. Cassie Ganier Says:

    I don’t know what to do. I am just now realizing what the heck this is. Thought was stress in the beginning from the domestic violence and in school beyond full time. I had to keep leaving my midterm to go wash out my eyes as thick white film was coming out of them. Have pics of huge lumps inside my eyelids. and how just in a week of moving in my eyes were swelled. So are my clothes contaminated? Furniture? But won’t do any good until MOLD and bugs taken care of huh? I have to get the other carpet ripped out of bedroom which is connected to mold ceiling, mold studio and bathroom. Some clothes fell off a shelf in bah=throom and particles were filling the air!!! Freake me out. Basement… forget about it. When I went in it found all sinks and tub leaks down into it and I was covered with HUGE golfball size bites. I’m so sorry to go on and on…. just realizing what is possibly going on. Pretty much confirmed last night and my head won’t stop hurting. No meds will stop the pain… only sleep.

  8. Cassie Ganier Says:

    WHAT do I do? Direction, please? Do I get mold testing done? Then get an attorney and let the landlord know as they have no clue what the property management company has done. Owner lives in Australia and I know management lies, charges for things they don’t do and made them replace furnace/AC when all needed was motor because they did not clean out the vents! Found that out when ripped the carpet up. So vents and the house was/are full of contamination upon my move in.

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