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Get Rid of Your Carpet! July 3, 2012

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I want to emphasize the need to get rid of your household carpet.  Carpet removal will provide immense relief from collembola.  If it is too expensive for you to replace the floor with laminate, seal the wooden underfloor thickly with polyurethane and caulk.  The, clean with a solution of ammonia and windex everyday.  Depending on the strength of infestation, you made need to clean the walls.


5 Responses to “Get Rid of Your Carpet!”

  1. DB Says:

    I am dealing with collembola also and am hesitant to remove the carpet. We have hard wood floors under the carpet. My collembola seem to love untreated wood and I think that the floors underneath the carpet are also infested….so I’m not sure there would be any improvement.

  2. DB Says:

    I do have some questions….Did you have all of your carpet removed? What did you replace it with? Do you have problems with collembola infesting wood that I mentioned in my previous post? Did you try steam cleaning your carpet prior to removal? Thank you for any information that you can provide.

    • Yes, we removed all our carpet and painted the wood floor to seal the ones infesting the wood in. You might do a couple coats to make your floor smoother and easier to clean. We did not try steam cleaning because even boiling did not kill them in our clothes. Any moisture makes them thrive and multiply faster.If you have the resources, I would suggest laminate floor right after painting. If not, just leave the painted wood. Make sure to caulk thoroughly and clean them constantly. We are currently trying commercial ozone machines (28,000mg/h), which may solve the problem altogether. I will post about the ozone machines on what I know about them now…and they arrive Tuesday, so once I draw some conclusions from that I’ll update. I hope that helps!

      • DB Says:

        Thank you for the information. Just want to make sure I understand….did you caulk between each floor board in your hardwood floor prior to painting it?

      • No, if the paint is thick enough it should do the job of sealing the cracks. Caulk in between the floorboards and the floors, under sinks and cabinets, etc. We had a huge problem in the kitchen and bathroom and caulking and cleaning the floors with windex helped a ton.

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