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Treatments That Did Not Work So Well… June 29, 2012

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Over the past year and half, my family has tried many different things to get rid of springtails.  We initially thought we had bird mites, so we were using tea tree oil on our bodies everyday.  Tea tree oil slows collembola down and stuns them so to speak, but it does not kill them.  That’s why you will find only temporary relief.  You can use alcohol on your skin in an emergency, and it will take the crawling and stinging sensation away, but it destroys your skin if used repeatedly.  Overall, your skin cannot be treated as a surface that can be cleaned by alcohol and cleaners.  It doesn’t work.  Trust me, I’ve tried. 🙂 



One Response to “Treatments That Did Not Work So Well…”

  1. Laura Says:

    We use Kleen Green from Natural Ginesis. It helps immensely. You can use it on your body, in the wash and around your home.We also use it in the vehicles.I usually do not use it in the wash because it would go too quick. We still have problems getting them completely out of our clothes. I am tying some suggestions from other suffers. Also, sulphur soap is soothing. It smells strong, but it gives relief. The Kleen Green gives much relief. All of us need answers!

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