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A New Mentality June 27, 2012

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Sadly, once something is infested with collembola, it is not saveable.  The longer you keep something that is infested, the longer your problem as a whole will continue.  For the time being, you must adopt the attitude that everything is disposable.  It’s hard to do, but the only way my family and I found relief was to get rid of everything.  We buy most of our clothes and things from Goodwill now to save money.  I have no regrets throwing away an itchy spingtail infested pair of pants because keeping them is not worth the $2 I paid for them.


4 Responses to “A New Mentality”

  1. angelo Says:

    vacumm the air out of plastic bags and seal em for 2 weeks.

    • andrew Says:

      one thing I have found is they go deep into your skin and will skin over your skin with a complete covering of the body aside from treatments I have connected a hose to the shower head connection iin the shower and put on a shower massage shower head spray your entire body at close range and the colllembola will spring off like mad use use the hottest water possible and use the highest pressure u can stand if nessesary turn up the water pressure coming in to your house the collembole come out of my skin relentlessly for 5 hours to give you an idea of how infested you are do this along with your other treatments . they reproduce over nite you may not realize it but the infestation is in the millliions or more making it very difficult to get rid of them. .you are not able to see them at all but with the high pressure hotwater they are easy to see as they have a glow to the live ones and even the dead ones can be seen prepare yourself for what you are going to see because even after a 5 hour shower treatment they still erupt from my skin and reproduce overnite good luck this is a non chemical treatment and will reduce the numbers but to kill them permanently it must be done internally hope this helps

  2. Laura Says:

    Do you work outside the home? I think I will spread them if I go to work.

    • andrew Says:

      they don’t spread until you are so infested theres no room left on you keep killing them and they wont spread is my belief

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