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Further Clothes Suggestion June 22, 2012

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Windex has made my clothes last a lot longer before they become uncomfortable due to collembola.  But, here are some suggestions for clothes that seem resistant to infestation.  Women, wear man-made fabric dresses.  I have a few that are a staple to my small closet.  Springtails are difficult to get out of elastic, so bras are continually a problem.  I still haven’t figured out how to solve this issue.  Men don’t seem to have a problem as much with clothes as women because they tend to be looser, but jeans are a clothing article that I cannot get to last for long.  My guess that even though guys can’t feel the collembola in their clothes, they could still be there.  Therefore, avoid jeans and heavier cotton fabric pants.  I’m still working on varying the degrees of ammonia for the windex used on laundry.  Will update later!


3 Responses to “Further Clothes Suggestion”

  1. Lucinda Says:

    Birax kilks them un laundry

  2. angelo Says:

    vacuum out plastic bags and seal for 2 weeks

  3. Laura Says:

    If I go to work, will I spread them?

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