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Windex Update June 13, 2012

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Windex has been a wonderful help to controlling springtails.  It is fairly effective on clothes and in the house.  For clothes, soak them in the glass cleaning solution until washing and wear them soon after.  When cleaning with the solution, make sure to use liberally and get in cracks and crevices.  We have also been caulking, which has helped.  Adding ammonia to the solution will make it potent and more effective against collembola.  Good luck!  Feel free to leave me feedback!


One Response to “Windex Update”

  1. Eric Says:

    yup, these little critters do not like Windex at all. I spray a paper towel with Windex and stuff it in the track on the window the springtails come through. Result: no more spring tails. I’m going to experiment a bit more and see if I can really repel these little bugs.

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