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Beware of the Bathroom.. April 10, 2012

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We have been cleaning our bathroom everyday with vinegar for the past four months, and again we get creepy feelings under the sink.  I just read a suggestion to put stick bug strips under the sink.  I am still attempting to rid them from my hair.  Vinegaring it overnight helps but does not solve the problem.  Suggestions?


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  1. An update about these issues: Cleaning the bathroom floor and crack everyday with straight bleach has eliminated the problem. But, you must clean everyday or the population rises again. The best treatment I have found for my hair is during my epsom salt bath, I apply a salt paste to my hair and let it soak. Make sure to thoroughly blow dry you hair.

    • I soak my hair in white vinegar. Cover with plastic. Overnight or before I shower.
      After shampooing. I comb through Pantene conditioner. And I don’t rinse it out.
      Twist my hair up in a bun. And then add hair gel. To keep flyaways in place. This is working for me.
      I’m no longer combing out snarls and knots and chunks of hair after washing hair. Seems to keep the springtails away.

  2. E. Shelef Says:

    Denorex has worked the best. Alternate with Nizoral (Ketonozole) Shampoo. Using Sulphur products can be tricky if you have any sulphur bacteria. County Water tests don’t include Sulpher or Iron Bacteria.

  3. Melissa B Says:

    I used a dog shampoo containing permethrin on hair, $10 for 700ml bottle, human equivalent $20 for $200ml, I use this as body wash sometimes, but I usually bath in eucalyptus and tea tree. Vinegar or bleach when I can’t afford anything else. I’m not cured after 18 months, I’ve tried everything u’ve read about, but they are manageable now. My only infected areas now are the laundry and the computer desk.
    When my feet are bad I smother them in baby oil and tape freezer bags airtight overnight. Rubbing different moisturisers and anti fungal creams brings a lot out of skin, even when I can’t feel them. Don’t waste money on windex or other chemicals in Australia they’ve taken the “ammonia and other poisons that might work” out of our products. A pest controller even told me there’s nothing strong enough to kill these available here so pointless spraying. Get rid of carpet, rugs, excess cushions etc. store ur clothes, towels, and extra bedding away, leave out just enough to wash and wear continuously. My worst outbreak came from a towel that was in linen cupboard but hadn’t been through the wash for 2 weeks- it was hell!

  4. tracy Says:

    Cedarwood oil products have worked the best for me. It kills the bugs but not the eggs.

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