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Mites, Morgellons, or Collembola? February 9, 2012

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It is difficult to tell the difference between microscopic parasites because well, they’re microscopic and have similar symptoms.  Morgellons is easier to differentiate because sufferers get lesions like open sores instead of bites.  Mites and collembola can be identified through a microscope.  We bought a microscope for the computer and caught collembola on heated flea traps.  Mites colonies are usually large enough to see, so you will find dark brown dots on walls, pet’s skin, etc.  Signs that point to collembola include infestation of paper and a jumping sensation on the skin.  Both mites and springtails create a crawling, itching feeling, but collebola jump, creating the additional popping senstation.


One Response to “Mites, Morgellons, or Collembola?”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I am a 52 Y/O single mother and i recently relocated from Miami to the Florida Key to a Semi Fixer Upper. The home I purchased had been vacant for 5 years before my 10 Y/O son moved in. The yard was a mess and everyday (up until I started having my life consumed 24/7 with a Insect , which at first I believe started as headlice due to the fact my son contracted it back in October! I did every over the counter as well as home remedies and even SKLICE, a very expensive Prescription, which is supposed to be 100 % success! Immediately after using the SKLICE I still had little black dots as well as seemed like layers of the glue louse place on hair shaft when they lay eggs! BUT I did not see any adult lice over the last 3 months. Every night (and day) I had my head covered with a hat or bandanna, smothered underneath with either Coconut Oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, mayonnaise or conditioner AND these little black bugs began coming onto all areas of my body (except Pelvic Area/pubic hairs). I knew now from all the internet research I have been doing for months, that headlice do not travel further than the neck , I never got itchy and these little black bugs were biting me. I took a sample of what looked like multiple types of bugs to the nearest ER. I was treated like I was crazy and Dr did agree he saw insects, or parts of insects in my sample dish BUT said it was not headlice but something else. I decided to call exterminater especially since I started seeing the biting black bugs everywhere especially in the car (which I bombed 3 times). Bing in the car for over 30 minutes I started getting bitten , mostly on my feet and back. When the exterminater arrived about a month ago she told me about the bugs I had collected that she saw maybe pieces of cockroaches and other insect parts and proceeded to convince me it was all in my head! First off I had my head covered 25/7 so how did Insect parts end up in my hair? I even recently shaved off my long thick blonde hair, thinking whatever it was would go away! I was wrong! My son has avoided picking up these bugs on body and I feel like I am losing my mind. After hours, again, searching internet for answers the only thing that looks and makes sense is Collembela! I am using DE (Diatomaceous Earth) all over head to toe, and raised almost like abscesses (don’t hurt) started erupting all over arms stomach legs back and shortly after putting the DE powder all over bugs start to erupt from these abscess like bumps on head. Arms legs back neck face and feet!! I have gone to ER twice and they act like I am crazy! I have been reading on treatments for this infestation and getting very overwhelmed being I have no money to purchase!! I have spent over $600 on lice products believing it was head lice! I need HELP I don’t know what to do!

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