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Spring Has Sprung? February 24, 2012

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Collembola, like most other bugs, tend to flourish in the spring.  We have had a warm, wet winter, and even though it’s only the end of February, they are more numerous.  It’s more difficult to keep the population down, so try to be extra agressive.  Also, try to keep your home as dry as possible.  Humidity can make huge difference in the reproduction rate.  We have numerous de-humidifiers around the house.


Mites, Morgellons, or Collembola? February 9, 2012

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It is difficult to tell the difference between microscopic parasites because well, they’re microscopic and have similar symptoms.  Morgellons is easier to differentiate because sufferers get lesions like open sores instead of bites.  Mites and collembola can be identified through a microscope.  We bought a microscope for the computer and caught collembola on heated flea traps.  Mites colonies are usually large enough to see, so you will find dark brown dots on walls, pet’s skin, etc.  Signs that point to collembola include infestation of paper and a jumping sensation on the skin.  Both mites and springtails create a crawling, itching feeling, but collebola jump, creating the additional popping senstation.