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Contagion January 25, 2012

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Are Collembola contagious?

     Yes and no.  They are contagious to all animals.  My dog got them, along with my brother’s dog.  It’s a different when it comes to people.  I initially got them from an old house that I was leasing during my senior year of college with five other girls.  I was the only one who was bothered by them, and the springtail source was closest to my room.  I took them home with me and unknowingly spread them to my house, dog, and mother, and later, my brother and his fiancee.  And, then my mother to her boyfriend  My brother’s other roomate initially got a rash and then did not notice them.  My brother’s roomate’s reaction was similar to that of my boyriend.  He got a rash, but then had no problems.  So, it depends on the person.  I can only guess at factors that makes a person susceptible; sensitive skin, thyroid issues, and allergies are some factors that those of us bothered have.


3 Responses to “Contagion”

  1. traci Says:

    how did you get rid of them? or did you

  2. angelo Says:

    acidity prevents infestation, drinkers?

  3. Lynn Says:

    Hi I found ways if containing them by no cure. Do any of u drink. Brewers yeast kills them. That’s what n beer. I’ve done both yeast n brewer years pulls. 6 pills three times a day. It works For now. Then wash Ur clothes n spray them with witch hazel n dry them on high. that kills the hem. Spray ur bed n rugs nightly with witch hazel. Everything left out. Within five days Ur issues will only be u. I got them down with that . Lotion urself daily with a mix of it with cedar oil. It kills them. Mix this up with meds it may work. I have Hi freq sound in my place so it irritates n brings them back. Yea I’m looking to move

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