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Collembola Help! Finally! January 4, 2012

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Having a collembola or springtail infestation is a nightmare. My family has spent nine months battling and researching these little monsters. I hope to provide one site that can anwer most of your questions and further discussion to explore new treatments.


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  1. Mel Says:

    Thank for your site, they having been infesting me since Feb 7th 2012 when I got them from the carpet at a 1st aid course I completed. I then drove 2 hours home from it unaware what had been biting me was now infesting my car. The next day I moved house so put the majority of my clothes and belongings into my car…..I’m at a loss.
    I just want my life back, Mel

    • shedlightblogger Says:

      I have had the same horrendous problem. Actually, there is a fairly quick fix. I hope that this helps you. I went through something similar when I lived in Northern California. It was around April 2010 that it began. I finally got help as I was suffering from a toe fungus which was occurring at the same time. After 8 months of this horrible problem, and no help from doctors, or pest control, or anyone! I got help and it finally killed off these beastly things. It was the strongest fungal medication prescribed. It is called “Lamisil” or Terbinafine. It must be taken internally. If you have any fungus growing on your nails, use the external stuff too. This killed the parasites. Ater eight months of agony and it was gone in three to four weeks. I hope this helps you. It is horribly unfair for anyone to have to undergo being treated like we are crazy by a medical community that simply doesn’t have any clue and because if they don’t know the answer then it must not be real.

      • Ice Princess Says:

        Thank you for sharing!!! How did you get them out of your car, your house, clothes, etc? My house is completely over run by these devil bugs!! My dogs are suffering too..I am at my wits end. I also have a secondary skin infection and my blood pressure is high from the stress. I have bombed, sprayed, had professional treatment..some success but they keep returning …It is so depressing.

      • Jenny Says:

        Hi! How long did it take for the lamisil to work?

  2. I know how it feels to have your life completely overrun by these things. Don’t get discouraged. There isn’t a quick fix, but gradually their numbers decrease and life gets becomes mores normal and bearable. Do you have any concerns or questions?

  3. Hi Shedlightblogger! Thanks for the tip! I will have to try that! I’m also going to re-post your comments so others will find it!

  4. Linda Says:

    It’s nice to know that there are other people suffering from these bugs. We have had them for over a year now and all I seem to do is clean and spray with alcohol. I have tossed out hundreds of dollars worth of clothing and rugs! We pulled out the wall to wall carpeting to get rid of the problem. We have been having the house treated but it’s a slow process and each time he comes there is a heightened amount in the house.
    Keeping them off the cat has been tough! He carries them from chair to chair and eventually to me. I’m the one that suffers from the “bites” and itches. Soap (as in the windex) seems to do the trick but I have another problem! Those little stinkers have nested in the computers and keyboards! Trying to kill them inside of these expensive electronics is very difficult! Any ideas? I’ve used alcohol on a rag and covered them and it helped but they return.

  5. Rick Says:

    I had a tree limb from an old pecan tree fall and hit me in the head. Since then, I’ve had an infestation of small arthopods that burrow into my head. The ‘critters’ are collembola and I had the rascal classified about 2 years ago. It’s clear that pouring alcohol or peroxide over your head does nothing but change your hair color. I’ve just tried Raid in desperation. I didn’t try Windex with Amonia but I will…if the Raid doesn’t work. As an engineer I would think that some dog topical medicines may work and I will try them next. If there is a dematologist that reads any of this, there is a fortune to be made. I’d gladly pay hundreds for a solution that worked (notice the past tense…because nothing has).

    • I also used alcohol (91%), and it helped for awhile but not permanently. I would suggest Windex and an anti-fungal shampoo such as ketoconazole. Be careful with dog medicines. I tried an amitraz collar, and it caused me to faint.

      • Ice Princess Says:

        I have read cedar oil kills them…or oil of oregano?? But foggers using the product I read about and the cedar oil products are very expensive. People with these things are so desperate. .understandably…I am on a fixed income so not sure what to do the least costly but most effective way to be free of this!

      • Hi folks,
        If I failed to mention that towards the end of my nightmare in California I moved out of my apartment. But they were still with me so I started using Cedarcide. It is pretty safe for humans and pets. You can find it online. I packed the clothes I cared about in huge ziplock bags which they sell for about 7 bucks a pack. You can find them online too. They are like 3 feet long. With the cedarcide I used a mix of 1/3 alcohol and cedarcide. Everytime I saw something I sprayed the crap of out it with this mixture. I still stand by the fact that I took the terbinafine though. I am beginning to believe that these bugs as well as morgellons are associated with chem-trail or geoengineering which they did big time in Northern Cali when I was there. But they do it everywhere now. I hear about strange parasite infestations effecting many people. The fact that Monsatan (M o n s a n t o) can spray crops with dangerous chemicals which withstand pests is also responsible. It is creating superbugs! These cos are screwing us big time! If you haven’t heard of geoengineering, please look it up. There is SOOO much info out there about the programs they have been conducting for many years. Stand against it people! Check out the film, “Look Up!” – which won awards at several film festivals. Also see “What in the World are They Spraying?” – this will enlighten you. I hope I have been able to help a little. Good luck, peace and love to all.

      • Ice Princess Says:

        Thank you!!! I also have heard other success stories of Turbinafine (Lamisil) can you get it without a prescription?? I read that there is a certain kind of fungus that people get with weakened immune systems and these super bugs are attracted to it…so this makes so much sense!!! We do need to join together and stand up against this horrible condition and fight against it’s causes!! Please keep us updated on new things and we should all do the same…This is the most degrading and insidious thing I have dealt with and I have seen much!!!!

      • Ice Princess Says:

        One other thing is in regard to windex and cedarcide…I have heard windex kills them..I tried it in a small way…it worked. I inadvertently thought cedar oil and bought 2 cans of it. Then I looked up cedarcide..bad reviews on the company. Windex contains a lot of alcohol. You mentioned mixing cedarcide with 91% alcohol. ..wondering if it actually the alcohol that is working in both instances??? Your thoughts welcome. Also, with Lamisil..having trouble getting a doc onboard??? At least now I have hope and will not give up til I get this irradicated! Thanks again!!!!!

      • Hi there Ice Princess,
        I also forgot to mention – you might want to try taking food grade diatomaceous earth. It is said to help rid the body of all kinds of parasites. I’ve taken it (two tsps. 2x per day) in a small amount of smoothie drink which I just buy at the store. But you can certainly make it yourself. It has to be mixed very well. Then pour in some more smoothie in once you’ve mixed it well. I find it’s the easiest way to drink it down. Here is a site that I found particularly interesting and helpful too.
        Much good luck to you! I’ll post again soon.

      • Ice Princess, I forgot one more important thing. Diatomaceous earth is known to get rid of all kinds of pests in and around the home and garden. Check it out and read instructions for it carefully. It is not toxic to humans or pets and it’s really cheap. But just be sure to get FOOD GRADE DE. Get a squeeze bottle applicator too. It makes it easy to get into small spaces and specific items. I also want to mention that you should try ironing clothing before wearing. So cotton underwear is preferable. Things will get better! Peace.

      • Ice Princess Says:

        Hi…Thank you for your response!!! I will try some of these things and post about my results! I am so done with it! I am determined to get well again!

  6. joeblow Says:

    I am currently suffering from this affliction. I definitely have springtails. It started with a weird tingling sensation on my feet, I thought I was imagining it. I think they were nipping at the athletes foot that I had. Over time they completely inhabited my mattress. This has been going on for about 2 months, and I have not yet trashed the mattress. I am going to try and get some Lamisil asap. A doctor prescribed me premethrim cream, and told me to put it on head to toe, but they attacked me even with it on.
    Shed Light, did you throw your mattress away? Also, did you use the cedarcide fogger? Or just the spray? THat stuff is so pricey, I’m trying to avoid buying it but I may end up just biting the bullet.

    • Hi Joe,
      I would either get rid of your mattress and buy a blow up one. Or, Put two plastic zippered mattress protectors over it. We tried CedarCide, and it didn’t work. It has worked for some people though. I would try to test it before buying the entire fogger. Premetherin, invermectin, etc. did not work for us. See if the doctor will prescribe you Ketokonazole shampoo. If he/she does a skin scraping, you might find a fungal infection. Things that work for us: Windex, Nature’s Gift, epsom salt baths, PURE hard surface cleaner, clove oil.

      • Joeblow Says:

        Thanks so much for the response.
        I caked my mattress top and bottom in DE powder, and left it for 5 days and slept somewhere else. Then I vacuumed the stuff up, and slept on it, and it seemed ok actually. But I have pretty much come to terms with the fact i may have to throw it away, so we’ll see.
        I also have tried Premetherin, which I can also attest to it not working.

        Ive been using windex + 91% iso which works pretty well, but it needs a couple sprays to kill them. I also bought some dog flea spray that has Cedar oil in it, along with clove oil, and Ive been spraying it on everything, but I havent determined if it actually kills them. Seems to help though.

        I also bought some Zicam, with homeopathic remedy and I swear after I used it, they didn’t touch me, all night. Might have been a coincidence, as I also rubbed my body down with 91% iso, and took a shower with epson salt (no tub) but its worth considering for the sufferers. I’m also hoping to get my doc to prescribe Lamisil. That’s kind of my hail mary. Thanks for the help!
        I’d love to hear more from the Lamisil users, or any fungal pill takers.

    • Rick Says:

      I had a hair infestation effects for nearly 10 years and tried everything.
      I found that (despite the warning…that I think are unnecessary) Sargent’s dog flee and tick shampoo worked for me.
      I put it on every morning prior to a shower and let the gel sit on my scalp for several minutes prior to washing my hair. After 1 year, it looks like it’s totally gone. I’ll likely continue this for a few more months rather than have any issues.
      No side effects. I tried everything else.

      • Joeblow Says:

        Thanks Rick.
        I have another question for the community. In regards to throwing away my mattress and getting an air mattress, what do I do with the box spring? Throw it away as well or wrap it, along with the air mattress, in a dust mite mattress cover?
        If I dont have the box, then the air would be directly on the floor? It seems to me you’d want to raise it off of the floor?

      • Joeblow Says:

        btw Rick, did you have long hair? My hair is short and I dont seem to have much of a problem that I can tell. But I also use rogaine which has alcohol in it so maybe that fends them off?

  7. Di Says:

    Anyone come up with a solution? I’ve been dealing with this for 7 months. My understanding is that this is a fungal infection that attracts bugs to you, like springtails. I’ve been told that this infection affects the nervous system, so no matter what is taken internally it won’t get rid of this.

    My fiancé is not affected but his two children seem to be…they itch all the time and have similar bite type marks and strawberry raised spots on their bodies.

    Any one try Megan Wells protocol?

  8. Di Says:

    Anyone get thru this? Been in hell for 7 months dealing with this

    • Rick Says:

      While I thought that I cleared up the issue in my hair, it still prevails. It appears that the dog shampoo does help but these things burrow and apparently lay eggs under the skin so even though you shampoo daily, this doesn’t solve the problem. Every ?? days or weeks it seems to continue anyway.
      I would appreciate anyone that has won the battle to advise their solution.

      • Hi Rick, please take a look at my response to Di from Dec 30 that I wrote today. I would also try some diatomaceous earth in my hair. I think it’s most important to cleanse your system entirely as well. There are several things you can find in health food stores meant to eliminate intestinal parasites. Are your nails in good shape? You may also have a compomised immune system or may not be getting nutrients you need to combat them. Much luck to you. Peace.

      • Rick Says:

        Thank you for the input, I will certainly rush into this solution approach.

    • Hello Di – Yes I was in total hell for about 8-9 months. What miraculously worked for me was several things. I can’t promise you anything of course as there have been no formal remedies to assist in this horrible ordeal.I believe I had a form of Morgellons. Though at least one biologist told me she thought she saw collembola in the samples I brought to her. I think they’re all related in one way or the other to geoengineering. The chemical onslaught we have been exposed to for many years now. Anyway, here are the things that alleviated and soon thereafter eliminated my issue.

      1. drinking human grade diatomaceous earth – mixed into a fruit and yogurt smoothie. I did this twice per day. Diatomaceous earth kills parasites internally and externally. I also used the powder in small amounts in all corners and close to walls away from foot traffic for several months. Don’t use a vaccuum to pick it up it will ruin it. Just use a brush and dust pan. Don’t breathe it in too much. It isn’t harmful but some people find it bothers their lungs.
      2. eating large amounts of raw garlic in salad once per day
      3. spraying my home and bed with cedarcide combined with alcohol in a bottle – be careful and make sure you have plenty of ventilation when doing this. Breathing it can cause problems in large amounts.
      4. I happened to have a foot fungus at the very start of my issue. Dr. prescribed terbinafine to take as a pill daily for about a month.
      After taking terbafine, as well as doing all of the above, the things that were emerging from my body and driving me nuts started to die down. They were completely gone after about one month.

      I certainly hope this helps. Please don’t give up hope. Be strong! Peace.

      • joe Says:

        I was given ketaconazole under this same theory and while it seemed to help, in conjunction with the baking soda and DE powder, it damaged my liver. I think terbifine is Lamisil. I would feel better about taking lamisil over ketaconazole.

  9. sally Says:

    what exactly does the d.e. powder do?

  10. Amanda Says:

    Use baking Soda. I drank it in a glass of water and I took a bath in it for thirty min. I could not sleep the first night due to all the popping I was experiencing and hearing. I have mold disease and have had this insect for a year. It started with my scalp and mov d down the rest of my body. Be prepared that old scars you have might reopen but it’s a good thing because it is them desperately looking for a way to leave.

  11. Lauren Says:

    I DESPERATELY Need HELP! I live in the Florida Keys in a home my Dad purchased last June (2016). The previous owners had passed and left the home to a nephew in New Jersey. For 5 years no one lived in the house. Being an avid lover of plants and gardening (there was no landscaping except 5 palm trees in front of home) so back in Late October my neighbor, who owns a small bulldozer type machine, dig up my yard, consisting of mostly pea rock
    And layers of limestone and coral rock. He did this all because my Dad wanted him to make a 3 ft ditch on side of house to plant privacy trees. At the time he did the ditch I had him remove one of the 5 palm trees to the side of the house. I spent two months fixing the mess he made of the yard, removing large coral rocks (about 3 feet from under ground, to make a beautiful coral rock wall with conch shells. During this time I was advised by neighbors to be careful and to always wear gloves due to you could get an infection from the coral. Within a week I noticed a large cyst like lump on one of my fingers (still there) but it never has caused discomfort or pain so I ruled it out to be related to arthritis. Come beginning of November my 10 y/o got head lice. He had gotten it once before when we lived in Miami and I never got even though he slept in my bed. I was told that I probably did not get due to the fact I highlighted my hair. Well sure enough around that time I started finding bugs in my hair. I tried everything including SKLICE, which is supposed to be 100% effective for super live but it did not work. These bugs began moving from my head down my back to my legs, arms face and feet. Little black dots that I believe were biting me. I had read that headlice do not bite nor do they travel past the head and neck. I went to the ER with some of the bugs I had captured and the ER doctor (who was rude and seemed uninterested) told me that it was not lice. He said it was pieces of sticks and dirt through the two seconds he glanced into container and sent me off with a script for rid! Come three weeks later, bugs were increasing and each time I was out in my yard I seemed to get attacked (even though I had had my head constantly covered with a hat or bandana). I would run into the bathroom and it was like a scene from a horror movie, they would not stop coming out and in shower they were biting me. I tried every remedy under the sun including bleach and nothing helped. At Christmas time after the 3rd or 4th attack while watering my plants outside I took scissors to my hair and basically gave myself a crew cut. (I had beautiful, thick blonde hair and NOTHING would make me do this unless under the desperate circumstances this problem was becoming. Again I went to the local ER and never even saw a Dr. The nurse was extremely rude, had no interest in looking at the bugs I collected an hour before coming and basically kicked me out with another script for Rid! An hour later DCF was at my home! She (the nurse) made a report to DCF stating I put bleach in my hair and shaved my head, that I was on drugs! Well talk about making my stress factor increases! DCF seemed skeptical to believe me about bugs but after having a clean urine test and several interviews with neighbors (who all claimed I am ALWAYS home either working in my yard or playing with my son) they also called my phychiatrist of 7 years who was pissed (he is one of the few that believes me) they closed case. Still not knowing what the bug that was invading my body and ruining my life I came across the few sites on Springtails! I was now 100% positive that is what it was. Verified by ORKIN exterminator, and they were now living in my home as well as in me. My son still has not been affected even though I find them on his bed and in his room. I have tried every remedy read on sites except cedar side (I have no money left to invest in it) I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on D.E. clove oil, Neem oil etc. laundry products, cleaning products and internal
    Products (probiotics, Cats Claw etc) Yesterday I tried the African black soap. Scrub and mask around 3pm and by 3 am the bugs were all over my face head body etc. I forgot to mention I have been to dermatologist who told me I needed infectious disease Dr to which I visited last week, only for the Dr to tell me that they never heard of springtails and I needed to go to Dermatologist! Again no one believes me! I had read that the antibiotic Doxycycline kills them off and the Dr would not even prescribe! She refused to even do a skin scraping! I am at my wits end AND the ONLY reason I have not ended my life (which every other day seems like a good idea) is because of the damage it would do to my family, especially my two beautiful sons. My ten year old lost his father unexpectedly at age 2. I need help! An exterminator is coming tomorrow, my Dad called terminex , and they claim to rid springtails in the home BUT it’s a little late being they live in my body. I have the lumps in my scalp, the lesions, I have seen crazy looking things come out of me, some look like little sticks, some tiny bundles of straw with eyes, the black circles, and actual springtails as shown in photos. I don’t eat, sleep, go in public unless I need to go spend more money at the store (and usually the crap is dropping on the check out counter) I cry everyday, all day and I am tired! After reading every site on these nasty bugs I have yet to hear anyone be rid of them for good! I can’t and won’t live my life like this for much longer! My Dad ordered Doxycycline online but it takes a couple weeks to receive and it has only been about 5 days! If this antibiotic doesn’t work I do not know what to do. Suicide is the only option I can come up with! IF anyone has won the battle with this horrendous, and traumatic life upset PLEASE let me know. It has to stop!

    • I would also order some kind of antifungal wash if the doctor won’t prescribe you one. I use ketoconazole. (My doctor did a skin scraping and found a fungal infection which is common with collembola and is the source of half the itching and crawling) Please also try strong Epsom salt baths. Make sure to soak everything for at least 20 minutes. Windex and PURE (office Depot had online) are also very helpful cleaners. Have you tried looking at Richard Kuhns diet?

      • Lauren Says:

        Thank you for your response! Since my post I have found one of the many sources these bugs that are controlling and ruining my life and traumating not only myself but my ten year old son. Since ORKIN could not fit my home to be tented (I also have termites and being in live in the Florida Keys, it is middle of termite season and they are booked! I also have been in touch vie phone, to the NPA She did answer my most important question “has anyone been cured of this nightmare?” and her response was YES! She told my she has heard of Doxycycline and the Ketoconazole shampoo(which I have been using re over the counter only 4%! I just purchased this home 8 months ago and I am afraid if this doesn’t stop after tenting and Doxycycline and shampoo I must lead this home I love! Terminex lady took photos of the 4 lesions on my head. So NASTY! Two pics of head lesions look like white heads only to emerge later on that evening! The only thing that’s giving me the will to go o is my beautiful 10 year old son😢

      • Dina Says:

        Have you actually seen any bugs/springtails crawl on you or visible In your house? If not, this could actually be morgellons. If you have the filament come out of your skin like black specs, see lint on you, and glitter flecks, etc this is likely Morgellons. Best bet is to strengthen your immune system and Detox! I would try to find a Lyme literate holistic doctor. This is a multi system illness and according to my doctor it’s some kind of virus which becomes symtomatic when your immune system is critically low. Raising your immune system and detoxing is the only thing that has helped me and can bring this virus into remission. I am about 90 percent healed and this is what helped me. I’ve been where you are and it does get a ton better. You WILL get through this. I promise.

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    • Marcia Says:

      My cousin was in Florida and had to leave due to no seems. But I am in KY and I have the same symptoms the only way I got a doctor to refer my Infectious disease doctor was by pulling out of Vaseline in front of the dr. you rub the wrestling vigorously on your arm and it will pull them out when they can see them so they know you’re not to lose you if you found a cure to this please respond Mia inKY 48 at gmail

    • Laurie Says:

      Hi lauren. . I have thesame problem. It is only in my scalp . I thought i had head lice but nothing worked. All prescriptions ect. I got so fed up i shaved my head bald and bought a wig about 3 weeks ago to finally get rid of the problem. Much to my horror i discovered bugs were coming out of my bald scalp. Many per day. I sent 3 to an entomologist who confirmed they are springtails. He also said it was impossible that they were originating from my scalp. But i am absolutely sure they are. I see them everyday. Blackish or redish oblong bugs with prominent antenna. They are not coming from my home. I live in the so california high desert.
      It is dry here. My daughter had them in her hair and i got them trying to treat her for lice. I have greatly diminished their numbers by going on a no sugar, no dairy, no yeast diet. I
      Apply advantage 2 for dogs on my scalp daily and i am taking oral ivermectin (horse paste) daily. I am on day 13. At this point they still come out alive but mostly at night. My question is did you try the doxycycline​ and has it completely worked for you? I also see some people have had success with oral lamisil but i read it can have severe side effects of liver damage so that might be my last resort. I have had this problem for 2 and a half years. Also any other helpful info you may have i would be grateful.

    • Jill Says:

      This exact thing is happening to my mother. I wish I had the answers but just know you are not alone.

    • My sisters not delusional Says:

      Hi Lauren
      I feel so bad for you. Sounds like you have exactly same as my sister … same issues and same treatment from the medical profession. Even myself and my family were sceptical about these little devils for a long time. We got involved with entomologists, exterminators doctors professors for years to get help for her to no avail. Things would seem to get better after trying everything suggested on this site only to get worse again.shes gone from looking like a beautiful normal female to looking like a zombie. She is suicidal and tired and sick and has brain fog . I finally got her to see a Lyme disease specialist who has given her doxycycline ( must be twice a day) and also invermectin ( one dose of 4tablets) he is doing blood tests and urine tests.
      He thinks she has both morgellans and a form if Lyme or some kind of tick born bacteria.
      Don’t give up …. you are not mad or delusional you are sick.
      Find a doctor that treats Lyme and is open minded about springtails.
      Good luck to you

    • Shell Says:

      I hope you get this because I have been through he’ll with these things it’s ruined my life, almost lost my marriage, lost everything I owned because even after leaving the mold infested home that started this everytime i youched anything from my home i got really sick. We ended up letting it all go. My two kids lost everything my husband and I were high school sweet hearts and lost everything from 16 years ago, and even worse I’ve developed an autoimmune disease most likely connected to this, I look so bad, I have struggled to loose weight all my life and in the last 5 months I have lost 50pounds. What’s worse is that we brought this in on my dad and his belongings before knowing what it was, just trying to our kids out of that environment. It’s been torture. I’ve seen 5 doctors all who tell me its viral it has to run its course, but one did prescribe doxycycline which worked and made me feel better than i have in months. But it came back about 15 days after finishing the medicine WITH A VENGEANCE!! I think I may have had meningitis this time. I’m going to try some of the things I have discovered since this last round of me being really sick because if i dont figure this out soon its going to kill me. I want my life back. I was getting ready to buy a new home and graduate cosmetology school and get my dream job when this all started and my kids, it breaks my heart so much for my children I try to be strong for them but I’m falling apart. My husband finally realizes I’m not just “self diagnosing” that no Dr will do anything for me and he just watched his normally very outgoing energetic bubbly wife deteriorate to almost nothing the past 10 months. I also now have severe depression and very regular panic attacks just a little more than any normal stress makes my heart start beatinf irregular, and i have never had issues with this ever before in my 32 years of life and i habe caught myself saying i wish i would just die several times the last month because im so miserable as well. My kids dad and husband all are also affected but I’m the worst. My dad’s health isn’t great anyway and I see him starting to rapidly decline now. Why do doctors not want to help you fix what’s wrong I just can not begin to imagine being a doctor and letting someone deliberately go thru something like this. If you get this msg me back, maybe having someone to talk to throughout will help get thru this nightmare!! I

    • unhappy6 Says:

      Your story sounds like I could have written it. Including being contacted by DCF! I am livid! I would like to contact you if possible. I am also at wits end with this nightmare. So tired of being treated with such disrespect. Gotta keep on trying. Need my happy life back.

    • Hi Lauren, I don’t know if you’re still having issues with the horrible black dot monsters, but if so, please do try taking an internal antifungal tablet for a month. It worked for me after being in misery for 9 months. I experienced the same disinterest and disbelief from doctors, and all but my closest friends. It may very well have been morgellons – ( I had what appeared to be springtails in my bathroom, but black dots on me and in me!) in any case, the cedarcide helped externally, but the diatomateous earth, and terbinafine tablets helped put an end to it. Good luck and peace to you.

  12. please read my comments of December 30 2015. I hope it will help you. You do need to get to a holistic doctor or therapist who will get you to someone who can do proper testing. Regular docs will not. Good luck to all.

  13. Jerome Says:

    Ill try to make this quick. I too and my friend fell victim to springtails…we went through the whole thing..spent bout 20k trying to get rid of them after reading everybodys home cures online and having multiple pest controls companies come and spraying almost every pesticide imaginable in the house. Now we are making great progress. here is the bottom line. Springtails eat fungus and leave fungus behind. If they are on you u have been hosted. This most likely happened because you 1 either have a previous fungal infection, I.e. atheletes foot etc. or you were outside doing something in nature and you got plant fungus spores that fell on your skin and you didnt get them showered off fast enough and they proliferated. That is what makes these things call you home.


    PERSONAL very important: (on you) 1.Clove oil, oregano oil and tea tree oil will kill them quick!..rub them full strength where you are being bitten the worst.(also can mix them with witchhazel in a spritzer bottle to help keep your skin soft) This also kills the fungus and eggs on your skin and in your pores. (the dark patches around bite areas) 2. Bathe in Epsom salt daily. This kills fungus as well and them…if you have a pool swim swim swim…if you have access to the beach GO! Salt and nutrients and chlorine all clean the fungus from yours skin and dry you out! 3. lamisil cream (buy over the counter) use on your face to stop crawling, and use on your toenails. 4. Use sulfur soap or antifungal soap like nizoral, but its very $ sulphur soap isnt and it works…leave the lather on for 5 mins before rinsing.

    INTERNAL: Lamisil 250mg tab every day for a month. u can use generic cause it isnt cheap either. 2. GARLIC…natural killer for many things including them..springtails hate it.
    EPSON SALT CLEANSE!! this is one of the most important…you have to clean your colon and bowels…thats where you immune system is housed and that is where the fungus likes to reside as well. The cleanse will get you feeling better and feeling less of them on you almost immediately. just google epsom salt cleanse and follow the directions…however, keep doing the cleanse until you are passing just water. This is all a form of detoxing…this kills the fungus in you and on you and they will leave. and it kills the eggs in you at the same time. 3. Eat as healthy as humanly possible…good balanced diet, and dont forget the protein!

    ENVIRONMENT: CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN… what i found out, the fancy washers that are HE are not right for this problem….YOU NEED TO HAVE SOMEWHERE TO SOAK CLOTHES. if you have an he, get some big totes and soak your clothes in burning hot water for at least a few hrs befor you wash them…I liked to put a couple cups of ammonia in it too, some other people have said pool enzyme cleaner works great but i never tried…seemed to be fine with really hot water and ammonia. If you have a soaking washer, then you are good…use the hot cycle for as long as you can.. add ammonia and soap. THEN DRY ON HOT TWICE…when the clothes are dry run another cycle..its precautionary, they like to hide in seams and eggs are tough, so the humidity of the wet load sometimes wont be enough based on how bad your problem is. Remember, dryness and extreme temps is what kills these…
    2. when your clothes are clean put them in sealed totes until you need them. The container store has waterproof totes for 30$ thats what you want. to keep them out of your clothes.
    3. Keep your house dry…LOW HUMIDITY like 40% is what you want. this greatly helps keep them under control.
    4. If you want you can spray a growth regulator (i had great success with MARTINS IG REGULATOR) this stops them from being able to reproduce, but for me it also calmed down the activity.
    5. Vacuum everyday, This is also have to get them up..make sure your vacuum has a hepa filter. then immediately empty it outside and spray it down with clove oil or lysol. yes…LYSOL WORKS…I think the lemon is best because these also hate citrus..period.
    6. minimize your life…whatever you can get rid of thats cloth do so…or take it to a laundry mat and clean it then put it in sealed bags until its over. these things also like paper, cardboard etc. get rid of stacks laying around etc.
    7. keep fans on, use dehumidifiers if you need to…we did and it helped but its not necessary if you do the personal stuff.

    Theres alot of other things that can help, like menthol crystals etc….but honestly theres SOOO much it gets over whelming…What I know works is to focus on you personally more than your environment…dont try to just kill them off..thats too time consuming and costly…DEHOST YOURSELF! and they go away. Spray the essential oils on you and in your car rug daily and vacuum daily.. But focus on killing the fungus on and in you and it will end! If i had all the money i spent to kill these damn things I would be having a summer vacation this year and trying to work my but off to make it back up. These things are not magical…theres just alot of them…STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE!!! dont get discouraged and stop…this will set everything back up and give them an edge. LET THE PROCESS WORK, you have to be relentless and you will win!! God Bless I hope this helps some people!

    • Crow Says:

      I noticed you mentioned the dark patches around the lesion areas. Did you notice the skin darkening was a symptom of an active problem area?

  14. Jessy Says:

    They seem to love my cigarettes so i placed a cigarette butt in the middle of a bug sticky paper trap. They flock to it from across the room evenly the larger adult springtails. Not sure if their dead or not but they wont be back on me!!!

  15. Becky Ann Parra Says:

    I am 90% cured. I threw away everything I owned, Cedarcided the house 12 times, and exterminated. I went through 2 rounds of doxycycline, permethrin, and invermectin. Only after I left the house did I begin to heal. Remember you are the host! I then started using a tea tree anti fungus soap from amazon, coated my body with cotz spf 58 sunburn cream, cats claw on all sores, and baby powder to seal in. On my head, I used sesame oil mixed with cinnamon oil, melaleuca, oregano oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil. You then wrap your head in Saran Wrap, and wear one hour! Shampoo out and the next day use prescription ketonozol shampoo mixed with head and shoulders. When you get a new bump on head, burn it with oregano oil on the lump. Now, your environment, it must be cleared while you clear yourself. In my new apartment, with vinyl floors, I have been spraying with martins I G R , and a crack and crevice spray. Be sure to follow up first spray 3 days later to kill eggs. Every day bleach and wash all bedding! Vacumn floors! Touch or use any fabric, and it immediately goes to bleach or ammonia water for a 4 hour soak! Wash clothes with arm and hammer detergent and borax. Dry for 90 minutes. Then, store each item in a zip lock bag. Each week, clean all drawers out with Windex and alcohol all makeup, etc.the less you own, the easier your task is! This takes 4to 6 hours a day. All counters and hard surfaces get cleaned with Windex. The car gets wiped out with alcohol in all wells, and cracks. Mats get washed weekly. Carpet gets martin’s IGR carpet spray on day one, Lysol spraying second day, and vinegar on 3rd day. Do this until all are gone3 to 4 months! I have been doing this for 6 months and am almost free! I also use Vick’s in my ears, nose, and on my feet. Good luck

  16. Susie Says:

    The bugspray on the Dr. Axe website kills the collembola when you spray them. You can googie it. I just started trying it and trying the activated charcoal for mold detox. He also has a video about mold detox that I thought was good. His website is
    The spray contains 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup witch hazel, 40 drops essential oil, and a glass spray bottle. I used oil of oregano in my recipe.

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